This Week On World Cafe: March 13-17

Here’s what’s coming up this week on World Cafe:


Monday, March 13

It’s ‘70s week on World Cafe, and we’re revisiting sessions with two major voices of the era, Bonnie Raitt and Peter Frampton.

Tuesday, March 14

World Cafe continues its celebration of songwriters of the ‘70s with a vintage session with the iconic Paul Simon. Then, on Singer-Songwriter Hour, we’ll examine the musical craft of greats like Jackson Browne, Carole King, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell.

Wednesday, March 15

In honor of ‘70s week, David Dye and Talia Schlanger sit down with the creators of Yacht Rock, a hit video series premised on fictional accounts of the lives of American soft rockers. Plus, we’ll revisit a session with JD Souther, co-author of some of the Eagle’s greatest hits.

Thursday, March 16

‘70s week continues on the Cafe with Al Green. We’ll hear David Dye’s 2005 interview with the soul legend, plus a vintage session with Cat Stevens.

Friday, March 17

Graham Nash, of Crosby Stills & Nash fame, is featured on this last day of ’70s week. Plus, we’ll dive into the legacy of Philly soul bands.

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