New Music Monday Picks For April 11

Your New Music Monday selections for April 11 feature avian-themed band names, synth-tastica and new sounds out of Cowtown:

Our love for local knows no bounds, and beloved Fort Worth three-piece Oil Boom can always be counted on to bring the joyful noise to the adoring masses. No doubt they’ll be pulling their new single “Delta Rice” out of the hat for their Friday show at Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton, and their support slot at Bugs & Brews at The Granada on May 1.

Cut Throat Finches is another Cowtown outfit you’ll be hearing more about in the coming months, and when their vinyl-only release Reality lands this spring, be on the lookout for their live shows in and around North Texas, as well as their cameo on the upcoming Hand Drawn Records compilation coming out in May. Get cozy with the knockout closing track, “Moonbeast.”

The buzz surrounding Rochester, NY-based Maybird is well-deserved destiny. Danger Mouse heard them and snapped them up for his new label 30th Century Records and it’s easy to see why, given the infectious appeal of “Turning Into Water,” the title track of their debut EP.

They’re a husband-and-wife-helmed outfit out of Baltimore, but their sound brings to mind the sunny, dreamy California vibes their music was no doubt inspired by. Paul and Krystal Masson’s Great American Canyon Band will no doubt inspire a road trip or two or a Laurel Canyon-esque kind of afternoon with the title track from their debut, Only You Remain.

When M83’s synth-scape master Anthony Gonzales tapped the Denton singer-songwriter Kaela Sinclair to join the band for their massive 2016 worldwide tour, it was a testament to the fact that our North Texas music scene is a lush and verdant one, indeed. Speaking of lush, their new single “Go!” has all the hallmarks of ear-worthy: vocals from Mai Lan and a rather exquisite guitar solo from Steve Vai that kicks in right around the 2:50 mark.