The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for February 7, 2016

What a glorious day in North Texas, I wonder when winter starts? Well, it’s Super Bowl night, and if you are here, I sure thank you and appreciate your company.  Also it’s pledge night, and so I appreciate your patience and support while I try to drum up a little cash to help offset my gas expenses driving down from Denton!

This is where you leave your polite comments and music suggestions for next week’s show. I encourage you to leave all kinds of music suggestions — as many as you like. I generally limit my choices for airplay to two for any one listener, but leave as much as you want. We love links! Make sure and tell me if there are language issues please. I tend to not play things over six minutes.

New to me this week:

  • Rupert Hine
  • Perry Blake
  • Curt Massey
  • Micaael Lane