The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for Aug. 5, 2012

Good Evening to you,

This is where you can leave your polite comments, music suggestions and links so we can buy or listen.

When you suggest stuff make sure it is FCC clean, please. Also, I don’t generally play anything over six minutes, and I tend to shy away from things that are too loud or ambient.

New to me this week:

Debo Band
The Hundred in the Hands
Anne Briggs

Tonight’s playlist:

 Kate Bush, “King of the Mountain,” Aerial
Debo Band, “And Lay,” Loss Opportunity: The 2012 Sub Pop Records Sampler
Frank Ocean, “Bad Religion,” Channel Orange [Explicit]
Brave Combo, “Fiesta [cumbia],” Sounds of the Hollow
Long John Baldry, “Don’t Try To Lay No Boogie-Woogie On The King Of Rock And Roll” (Remastered Album Version), Rhino Hi-Five: Long John Baldry
Eleanor Friedberger, “Heaven,” Merge Records Spring Sampler 2012
Shel Silverstein, “I Can’t Touch the Sun,” Crouchin’ On The Outside Digitally Remastered)
Jon Anderson, “Flight of the Moorglade” (LP Version), Olias of Sunhollow
Röyksopp, “So Easy,” Melody AM
Jackson Browne, “Late for the Sky” (LP Version) (Remastered), Late For The Sky
Kris Kristofferson, “Son of a Scoundrel,” Ned Kelly
The Hundred In The Hands, “Keep it Low,” Red Night
Electric Light Orchestra, “Eldorado Overture,” Eldorado
Bjork, “The Anchor Song” (LP Version), Debut

Tom Waits, “Step Right Up,” Small Change
The Cure, “Primary” (Remastered LP Version), Faith (Previously Unreleased Bonus Tracks)
Anne Briggs, “She Moves Through The Fair,” A Collection
Cleanup, “Pass the Duck Sauce, Please,” Frequencies vol. 3
Amadou & Mariam (Feat. Santigold), “Dougou Badia,” Dougou Badia
Amanda Shires, “Kudzu,” Carrying Lightning
Bobby Vinton, “My Melody of Love,” Bobby Vinton’s Greatest Hits
MelodySheep, “Garden of your Mind,” N/A
parklehorse + Fennesz, “Mark’s Guitar Piece,” In The Fishtank 15
Frank Sinatra, “The World We Knew” [Over And Over] [The Frank Sinatra Collection], The World We Knew
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings, “How Do I Let A Good Man Down?” Naturally
Wye Oak, “I Hope You Die,” Merge Records 2010 Digital Sampler
Herp Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, “More and More Amor” (Sol Lake), Herp Albert CD set
Inara George with Van Dyke Parks, “Accidental,” An Invitation
Mayer Hawthorne, “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out,” A Strange Arrangement

  • Anonymous

    I am here. You are here. You got any cool music suggestions?

    • Jon M

      How about some Chrome?

  • Ray Worth

    Just for fun next week: The Beatles – Sie Liebt Dich or Komm Gim Mir Deine Hand.

    Also something by Guy Forsyth. I like Long Long Time but that’s probably a bit to negative.

    • Anonymous

      ok, I will check it out and see how much of a downer it is.

  • Johnholbrook


    • Anonymous

      dont hold your breath. : )

  • Paulena

    We are in love with an English band called The Dunwells. They are actually here touring the states over the next couple of months. They have a single out (I Could Be a King), which we are always hoping to hear on the radio, and there are many great songs on their debut album (Blindsighted Faith). Only Me is a quiet song but really beautiful, and Elizabeth and Blindsighted Faith seem to be a lot of people’s favorite. My teenagers love Follow the Road. It would be exciting to hear them on the radio –and we are faithful KXT listeners!

    • Anonymous

      ok, I will give it a listen , thanks

  • Reverend Bob The Deceiver

    Hwy 61 revisited

    • Anonymous


  • Mikael780

    good evening Paul might try these
    Ruthie Foster east texas gal now in Austin does a very bluesy/jazz take on “IF I HAD A HAMMER”

    The waterboys “FISHERMAN BLUES” remastered

    sacred steel gospel with some nice vocals The Storm Is Passing Over

    • Anonymous

      I just might do that indeed

  • john holbrook

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre

    • Anonymous

      okey dokey

  • Andrew

    “The Wolves” by Ben Howard

    “Harvest Time” by The Clientele

    “Stubborn love” by The Lumineers

    “Ghosts” by Laura Marling

    “Among the Leaves” by Sun Kil Moon

    Bing Crosby – “Twilight on the Trail”

    • Anonymous

      a nice mix, thank you so much

  • Jerem69

    Thank you kindly for the Jon Anderson. Great stuff!
    Here’s another one that never got much “popular” radio play:
    Strolling Ones: Mister Sorphine. Or something like that..

    And, I have yet to talk you into playing “Illegal Smile”:

    I’m fifty two tonight. I was hoping for a little Birthday from “The White Album” (The Beatles), but, didn’t find an mp3.
    So, I’ll leave it to you, Paul. Surprise us!

    • Anonymous

      ah, happy birthday. well , I wish I could have known sooner, I woulda sent that Beatles out to you. Thanks for the ideas.

  • neon cobra

    Good evening Mr. Slavens. Wonderful show already.
    Over The Rhine- “If A Song Could Be President”
    Louis Armstrong- “Fantastic Thats You”
    Margot And The Nuclear So & So’s- “Dress Me Like A Clown”

    • Anonymous

      thanks, nice to have you along as usual., and another set of good tunes, thanks.

  • Willythecat

    Rolling Stones – “Fool To Cry” – BLACK AND BLUE, 1976, REWIND 1984

    Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – “God Is In The House” – NOCTURAMA, 2001

    Ween – “Gabrielle” – SHINOLA VOL 1, 2005

    Shawn Smith – “The Train Is Coming” – LET IT ALL BEGIN – 1999

    • Anonymous

      I think we should be able to get a lot of this on. thanks

  • Paul Muller

    Exitmusic – “Passage” (Actress/Singer Aleksa Palladino)

    Alt-J (∆) – “Dissolve Me”

    The Raveonettes – “Aly, Walk With Me”

    Purity Ring – “Fineshrine”

    Freelance Whales – “Locked Out”

    Lovage – “Book of the Month”

    The Cowsills – “The Rain the Park and Other Things”

    • Anonymous

      thank you for the nice variety of choices

  • Jayclark1964

    My all over the map list:

    Middle Brother – Blue Eyes
    Southern Culture on the Skids – Camel Walk
    Louis Prima – Banana Split For My Baby
    The Collins Kids – Mercy
    Nat King Cole -L-O-V-E (French Version)
    Tuatara – The Desert Sky
    Breath Me – Sia

    • Anonymous

      all over the map is the definition of this show !!!

  • Anonymous

    I like all of these ideas thanks

  • PeterJ

    I grew up in the 70s but came of age in the 80s; my fav female singer from then was the voice of Yaz; Alison Moyet. This is from her first or second solo record.

    This is an awesome video and song by UNKLE (James Lavelle) and Ian Astbury the singer for The Cult. Burn My Shadow

    Another female lead vocalist gone solo; Tracy Thorn. The voice of Everything But the Girl does A-Z (or the Brits say it A to Zed) from Out of the Woods

    You mentioned oldies and in finding the link for Gentle on My Mind by Glen Campbell I found this one by Dino! From the Essential Dean Martin it’s Dean Martin singing Gentle on my mind. Either version will work though!

    And, finishing with the 80s just for sh*ts and giggles (never understood that phrase, sounds messy) The Minutemen with A Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing. Easiest place to find is on the Compilation Left of the Dial: Dispatches from the 80s Underground.” (Disc 2) <==only 1:31 good to sneak in at the end before Undercurrents starts 🙂

    Thanks for doing this awesome show week in and week out. Love it!

    • Anonymous

      thanks so much for the copious suggestions. I will get some of this on for you for sure.

    • Jerem69

      Glenn Campbell didn’t impress me a whole lot as a kid, but, I now appreciate his music. He has Alzheimer’s and that’s a shame. The music is last to go in his mind. He speaks little but the music still comes forth.

  • PeterJ

    Love the Boby Vinton!! My Babcia (Polish for Grandmother) would be so happy EVERY time he was on TV in the 70s

  • Anonymous

    not yet. I will see if I can post it here later , maybe tomorow.

  • PeterJ

    The Fred Rogers thing is great! PBS Digital Studios also released a mix of Bob Ross too… Happy Little Clouds

    • Jerem69

      Flashback to fever days home from school. Wow.
      When will they come out with Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard)??

      • PeterJ

        LOL No telling. Bob was an inspiration to artists and stoners everywhere for years.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for all the great comments and suggestions.
    see you right back here next sunday night.

    • Gavinbpugh

      Hey Paul, Could you tell me the acoustic song played write after the “Garden of your mind”

  • Gavinbpugh

    Which one was the acoustic song that was played right after “Garden in Your Mind”

  • Casey Williams

    That Dirty Projectors show kicked some major butt. Listening to some deep cuts now!!

  • John Kozura

    Hi Paul,
    As an old fan from back in The Library and Gravity Room days, how about something with a distinct Ten Hands groove: Your Mama’s Got A Complex, by Dr. Lonnie Smith?