The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for June 24, 2012

Greeting Earthlings. It’s warming up out there, hope you are somewhere comfy and ready to kick back and groove to a nice selection of tuneage.
This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions for future shows.
Leave a link if you can to where we can find the music. Also, please no bad language, and not too long (6+ mins).
New to me this week:

Nina Simone – “Work Song” – The Unforgettable Voices: 30 Best Of Nina
Simone, Nat King Cole & Joe Williams

Radiohead – “You Never Wash Up After Yourself” (Live) – My Iron Lung
The Octopus Project
– “Fuguefat” – Hexadecagon
The Who
– “Getting In Tune” – Who’s Next
Spooky Folk
– “Rare Bird” – Spooky Folk
Rokia Traoré
– “Sako Bê Kê” – Wanita
The Invincible Czars
– “Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine” – 1812 Overture
Tom Jones
– “The Witch Queen of New Orleans” – Gold (1965 – 1975)
Butthole Surfers
– “Hey” – Brown Reason To Live / Live Pcppep
Regina Spektor
– “Small Town Moon” – What We Saw From The Cheap Seats
Blind Blake – “Diddie Wa Diddie” – Ragtime Guitar’s Foremost Fingerpicker
The Incredible String Band
– “Witches Hat” – The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter
David Bowie
– “Breaking Glass” – Low
Sharon Van Etten
– “Leonard” – Tramp
Sigur Rós
– “Varúð” – Valtari
Kingston Trio
– “Scotch And Soda” – The Kingston Trio Greatest Hits

Yma Sumac – “Goomba Boomba” – Mambo! (World)
Kavinsky – “Nightcall” – Nightcall
Joe Pass
– Dissonance #1 – Virtuoso #3
Circus Devils – “Zig Zag” – Sgt. Disco
– “My Girlfriend Is a Rock” – Hijack the Radio
– “Le Flying Saucer Hat” – Does You Inspire You
The The
– “Armageddon Days (Are Here Again)” – Mind Bomb
Rufus Wainwright
– “Bitter Tears” – Out Of The Game
Oscar Levant
– “Preludes For Piano: Prelude I: Allegro Ben Ritmato e
Deciso”  – Levant Plays Gershwin
Nancy Sinatra
– “Lightning’s Girl” – How Does That Grab You?
– “The Cat and Mouse” – I Am Gemini
Greg Laswell
– “Back To You” (Feat. Elizabeth Ziman) – Landline
El Cento – “I am the Stereo” – El Cento [Promo Version]
Frank Zappa
– “Twenty Small Cigars” – Chunga’s Revenge
Leonard Cohen
– “Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” – Live at the Isle of
Wight 1970
Steve Reich – “Variations for Vibes” – Piano & Strings

  • Anonymous

    I am here, whatcha got?

    • Jmu958

      Patti Smith did a beautiful song a long while back called “Frederick”, which I had completely forgotten about.

      • Thom

        Anything by Patti Smith.

  • Matt

    I recommen anything by the austin band White Denim,

    • Anonymous

      okey dokey

  • Lastangelman

    Have you heard the new David Byrne/ St Vincent collaboration?

    • Anonymous

      havent heard it, very interested

  • Roland Welsh

    I’d love to hear some local guys like Funky Knuckles. I’ve read somewhere that they are from Carrollton but please don’t hold that against them. 😉 I really like the track Barbosa but that’s sure to be a bit long. Maybe a radio edit could be arranged or perhaps you could find another shorter track?

    • Anonymous

      I will scope it out and see what I can do

  • Paul, buddy… The Buzzkill String Band???
    No… Just No.

    If you feel like stretching back in time you could play a little Hot Tuna, since the guys are coming to town later this year. Funky #7 is good or, of course, Watch the North Wind Rise.

    • Anonymous

      hey, man, somebody just like you wanted to hear that band, and a couple people commented to me on FB about liking it. who knows, man, we are just checking out music here.

    • Jerem69

      Always liked Hot Tuna. I’ll have to keep a (third) eye out for them.

  • Dan032755

    Paul , great show as always.
    For next week—- Lullaby—–Emitt Rhodes

    • Anonymous

      never heard of em, thanks

  • Doug

    You should check out Man & Ghost:
    I like their song “Shoutalong.”

    • Anonymous

      coolie oooo
      I will check em out, lovin bandcamp

  • Danimal2126

    Paul please check out Charlie Hager and The Captain Legendary Band.
    Singer songwriter and surperb picker. Charlie is from Louisanna but the tour in Texas alot.
    Check out songs like Down, Brianna and Moonshiners prayer on their web site or face book page.
    Youll be glad you did.
    Thanks, Dan
    Enjoy your Show BTWi

  • Paul

    Greetings J. Paul:
    When the tempo slows next week, perhaps some Eberhard Weber, or early Pat Metheny, the beautiful ballad Hermitage from the New Chautauqua LP….

    Have a great summer.
    in Ruidoso

    • Anonymous

      I will look after it, danke

  • Thom

    ‘Lotus Eaters’ – Dead can Dance
    ‘You and I’ – Ingrid Michaelson
    ‘Living on the Edge of the Night’ off ‘Brick by Brick’ by Iggy Pop with Waddy Watchell
    Fiona Apple has a new CD, can we hear something off of that?

    • Anonymous

      this all looks very good

  • Jayclark1964

    Fred Eaglesmith- Time to Get a Gun!! I’ll blast 6 rounds from my 12 guage in your honor if you’ll play this!!!

    • Anonymous

      I think I have this at home

  • Jayclark1964

    G Love and Special Sauce- This Aint Livin

    • Anonymous

      sounds interesting

  • Ray Audette

    Tim Obrien’s “Mick Ryans Lament” from his album Two Journeys.
    Based on the “Garyowen”, the official song of the U.S. 7th Calvary , it would make a great patriotic song for the 4th of July.

    • Anonymous

      I will look into it, thanks for reminding me about the holiday

  • John in Addison

    Hey Paul — I grew up in LA. I remember hearing “My Girlfriend is a Rock” on Rodney Bingenhiemer’s program on KROQ back in the 70s, as well as on the Claremont College radio station. Never knew where the band was from. Quite a flashback for me tonight. Thanks!

  • Jayclark1964

    XTC- Greenman

  • Susan

    I see somebody else already suggested the St. Vincent/David Byrne collaboration–on that note, any Talking Heads or David Byrne is always great! Some other general ideas: Leon Redbone, Alberta Hunter, Sergio Mendes, The Roches

    • Anonymous

      good good good

  • Jerem69
    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    cool, thanks
    I will try to get this all on

  • Anonymous

    well thats about it, thanks yall
    see you here next sunday

  • Lastangelman

    Nathan Abshire – Popcorn Blues

  • Paul Muller

    Thieving Irons- ‘So Long’

    M. Ward – ‘Me And My Shadow’

    Louis Armstrong & Bing Crosby -‘Gone Fishin’ ‘

  • Guest

    Hello! Would you please play Ryon’s “Take Me Away” off the album Sweet Pea? Here is a link: