John Singer Sergeant

When John Dufilho – frontman for The Deathray Davies and a band member of I Love Math and Apples in Stereo – stopped by the KXT studios, we weren’t quite sure what we were in for. But when Sir Earl Toon of Kool & the Gang, local musician and producer Salim Nourallah and singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe stepped up the the microphone to sing for Dufilho’s new band, John Singer Sergeant, we knew it would be nothing short of greatness.

Video: John Singer Sergeant with Sir Earl Toon performs “Dizzy Joy” at KXT

Video: John Singer Sergeant with Salim Nourallah performs “My Own Worst Critic” at KXT

Video: John Singer Sergeant with Sarah Jaffe performs “Gone in a Second” at KXT

Audio: John Singer Sergeant interview and performance at KXT

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