The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for March 4, 2012

Hello, welcome to the live blog.
Next weekend is the 35 festival in Denton. I’m gonna play a bunch of music that you can check out at the festival. Local and national stuff, mixed in with all last weeks suggestions. Thanks for tuning in.
This is where you can leave your music suggestions. Nothing too long (6 min+) , too loud or soft. And definitely be careful about suggestions that have FCC noncompliant language.
No awards shows, speeches, playoffs or anything, just gorgeous weather. I am hoping for a nice night of wonderful suggestions and comments.
New to me this week:
The Coral
Thom Hanreich
Erlend Oye
AC Reed
Zola Jesus

Doug Burr – “Red –  Red” – O Ye Devastator
Nico – “
The Fairest of the Seasons” – Chelsea Girl
Porter Wagoner – “The Carroll County Accident” – The Essential Porter Wagoner
The Coral
– “Pass It On” – Magic & Medicine
Built To Spill
– “In the Morning”  – There’s Nothing Wrong With Love
Tommy Bolin – “Post Toastee [2]” – Naked II
Bethan – “Katie K” – Chapter 1:
Swayzak –“ Speak Easy” – You’ll Never Dance Alone Again – The Best of Swayzak
The Monkees
– “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)”  – More Of The Monkees
Thom Hanreich
– “Tied Down” – Pina
Erlend Øye – “Ghost Trains” – Unrest
The Highwaymen – “Highwayman” – Highwayman
Best Coast – Boyfriend – Crazy For You
A.C. Reed
– “I’m In The Wrong Business” – I’m In The Wrong Business
The Notwist
– “Consequence” – Neon Golden

The Jesus And Mary Chain – “Head On” – Automatic (DMD)
– “Nightmusic” (Featuring Majical Cloudz) – Visions (Promotional Copy)
Phil Manzanera
– “You Really Got Me (Live)” – 801 Live
The Treelines Music
– “It’s Not Me” – EP
George Jones
– “No Money in this Deal” – The Essential George Jones
– “Kontroll” – Kontroll
The Mountain Goats
– “International Small Arms Traffic Blues” – Tallahassee
John Vanderslice
– “The Piano Lesson” – White Wilderness
– “Dark Star”  Ioda SXSW Opening Day Bash Sampler 2012
Sufjan Stevens
– “Now That I’m Older” – The Age of Adz
Spooky Folk
– “Rare Bird” – Spooky Folk
Zola Jesus
– “Vessel” – Conatus
Atlas Sound
– “Parallax” – Parallax


  • Anonymous

    Ok. I am in command central. Beam me your messages.

  • Anonymous

    I have just been introduced to Andrew Bird and Imelda May. I would love to her their music next week or whenever you can fit it in. 😀

    • Anonymous

      I have played both those people. And I would be glad to do so again. I will try and find some interesting cuts. Thanks.

  • Spent the last week driving back and forth and back and forth across the South in the middle of the night fueled only by Waffle House and Gary Numan turned up to 11. Now I can’t stop. Please help by playing some of his new album.

    • Anonymous

      Gonna have to get me some, I will report back next sunday, hope to be playing some of that new numan.

      • BTW, haven’t been to the blog in a while. See we are now using Disqus, which is cool and all that, but this is kinda my “trolling inbred conservatives” persona so we’ll just have to see how it works out.

        • Anonymous

          play nice with the other kids and nobody gets spanked.

  • Jerem69

    Sad about Tommy Bolin. Kids, hang in there and stay reasonably sober. Do not drink and drive. Love,

  • Jeff

    great music tonight, Paul. love the 35 Conferette vibe interspliced in b/w the other awesomeness. when you get a chance, check out Blind Willie Johnson.

    • Anonymous

      pretty sure I have played some BWJ, but in any case I will find some for next week. thanks

  • Jerem69

    Maybe some day play Sister Morphine by the Stones. Or most anything by Morphine. I also narrowed the Blue Oyster Cult suggestion down to She’s as Beautiful as a Foot or Vera Gemini (prefaced by Patty Smith during her contract avoidance years).

    • Anonymous

      super excellent. tune in next week for sure.

    • Vera Gemini…

      1978. Ken and I are flying through the desert. Agents Of Fortune on the cassette. Had just met Patti Smith at a record store in Dallas weeks before. (remember record stores?) The paper said she could be a rebel but still at least shower and use deodorant. Seriously. The record store had giant posters of Boomtown Rats but no Patti Smith stuff. She was still news.

      Porsche 914 with the top off through the night. Vera Gemini one more time. 109mph at 4:45AM. Young, immortal, and… hungry. Pull off at a lonely West Texas exit. Greasy spoon on the right. Walk in to find… round-about 100 cops… looking at two long haired freaks who had just pulled up in a sports car with the stereo blaring.

      reboot heart.

      Don’t freak out. All eyes on us. Ken quietly orders me to get biscuits and gravy. I can’t imagine that is food for breakfast but I comply. It puts the cops at ease, and my belly, and my mind.

      As the sun rose ahead of us flying into Ft. Worth on I-20 I ejected that cassette and threw it straight up into the air. I haven’t listened to Vera Gemini since then.

      Play it.

      • Anonymous

        well its a good enough story to at least check it out real good. thanks.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      LIST!! I love lists. thanks I will get on it.

  • Formaggio X Ballerino

    I wonder if you could play “Calling All Units To Broccolino” by Calibro 35 on this most fabulous of radio shows?

    • Anonymous

      I will check it out for sure. thanks!

  • Paul Muller

    Captain, I’m Beaming Up a few Suggestions for next week’s show.

    The Carpenters -‘Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft’ (Originally a Klaatu Song)

    Blonde Redhead – ‘Spring and by Summer Fall’

    The National – ‘Wake Up Your Saints’

    MGMT – ‘Congratulations’

    White Rabbits – ‘Temporary’!

    Peggy Lee & Mel Torme – ‘The Old Master Painter ‘

    Captain, She can’t take much more. The dilithium crystals are almost depleted!

    • Anonymous

      super list of very easily playable hits. danke

  • Anonymous

    Im on it.

  • Cut Loose

    S.I. Futures-Freestyle Disco
    Wire- The 15th

    • Anonymous

      thank you , I will check these out, not familiar with some of this

  • bellalola

    Dust My Broom-Elmore James
    Dream Girl-Nick Curran

    • Anonymous

      ok, I will definitely be all over this.

  • Regan

    nightmares on wax- you wish
    school of seven bells

    • Anonymous

      very nice, dont know the nightmares !

  • Anonymous

    cool x 2

  • Anonymous

    I will listen to these and hopefully get em on for you next week. cheers

  • Anonymous

    I have already played both versions of that song numerous times over the years. But am happy to do it again. thanks.

  • Pat K.

    Paul, if you can – check out Fuzz Manta ( They are from Denmark I think. They remind me of what Cream Of Mushroom MIGHT have been. Many Thanks !!!