The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for March 11, 2012

Greetings, the rains have moved on and left a beautiful evening in their wake. Still lots of festival action in Denton, but its great to have you along for cool tunes. This is where you can leave polite comments and music suggestions. Nothing too long, loud or soft, and please no bad words.
New to me this week:
Calibro 35
Active Child
Vesta Victoria
White Rabbits
Nick Curran

I will be going to the Bryan Street Tavern right after the show to make up songs based on audience suggestions. FYI.

Petula Clark -“Don’t Sleep In The Subway” – The Ultimate Petula Clark

Gary Numan – “When The Sky Bleeds He Will Come” – Dead Son Rising

School Of Seven Bells – “Camarilla” – Disconnect From Desire

The King Bucks – “Gentle Lovin’ Man” – BBQ Drugs

Elmore James – “Dust My Broom” – Dust My Broom

The Doors – “I Can’t See Your Face In My Mind” – Strange Days

Andrew Bird – “Tenuousness” – Noble Beast

Carpenters – “Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft” (The Recognized Anthem Of World Contact Day) – Yesterday Once More-Greatest Hits 1969-1983

Nazz – “Featherbedding Lover” – 13th and Pine

Active Child – “Hanging On” – You Are All I See

Klaatu – “Doctor Marvello” – Two Classic Albums From Klaatu

Tex Ritter – “Hillbilly Heaven” – Tex Ritter

Calibro 35 – “Calling All Units to Broccolino” – Ritornano Quelli Di…

Imelda May – “Tainted Love” – Mayhem

Peggy Lee & Mel Tormé – “The Old Master Painter” – Lover Come Back to Me

Blue Oyster Cult – “The Revenge Of Vera Gemini” – Agents Of Fortune

White Rabbits – “Temporary” – Temporary

Vesta Victoria – “Summer Blouses” – Antique Phonograph Music Program 04/20/10

The Treelines Music – “So Kiss Me” – EP

Harmonicats – “Fantasia Impromptu” – I Love Paris

Wire – “The 15th” (2006 Digital Remaster) – 154

Nick Curran and the Lowlifes – “Dream Girl” – Reform School Girl

Montrose – “Space Station #5” – Montrose

Blonde Redhead – “Spring And By Summer Fall” – 23

Blind Willie Johnson – “Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning” – The Complete Blind Willie Johnson

The Dø – “Slippery Slope” – Both Ways Open Jaws

Phil Harris – “I Wan’na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)” – The Sherman

Brothers Songbook

Sonny Rollins – “Strode Rode” – Saxophone Colossus

  • Anonymous

    I am here , let me hear from you!

  • Jerem69

    Listening tonight on a Fisher Series 40 (vacuum tube) receiver that I lovingly restored for my son. Playing it through a Crown 300 WRMS/ch amp. Yeah. Dig me some Elmore James! ZZ Top “borrowed” rather heavily from him in their early years.
    So, Paul. Ten Hands on the slate yet? If not, I’ll have to keep singing about ” I got hoses, in my wife.. You know she’s gonna, you know she’s really gonna.. Make the bed!..”

    • Anonymous

      definitely better than the original words to that song !!!
      hope you are digging the pristine MP3 sounds I am sending into your primo gear.

  • Regan

    how about boxcar bandits with Paul Slavens on piano

    • Anonymous

      well, I will sure play some Boxcar, they have a new CD, but I am not on it.

  • Jerem69

    I would like to hear “Man of Constant Sorrow” by Ralph Stanley.
    As well, while I’m at it: Guy Forsyth’s “If I was Sick.”
    These both convey emotion rather well.

    • Anonymous

      excellent , thanks

  • Judy JR

    Off to a fabulous start! Thank you!

  • Judygkla

    Hi, Paul. Thanks for the cool music. Any new sounds SXSW Judy

  • Holt83

    Paul, love the show! Do you know The King Khan and BBQ Show? I’d love to hear “I’ll be Loving You” or “Anala” off of their Invisible girl album. Thanks for being awesome!

    • Anonymous

      well, gosh thanks. I will look this up and see what its all about. Thanks for being supergroovy.

  • Georgedimitri

    Love you, Paul!

    • Anonymous

      I love you too George.

      • Georgedimitri

        I would hear “Golden Slumbers” in my head if this infectious groove wasn’t filling the room!

  • Anonymous

    If it is possible I will do it.

  • Anonymous

    ok. got any idea if its available as a mp3 download?

  • Jerem69

    Wow, that’s got me thinking of Dred Zeppelin! Hmmmm..

  • Mike McC

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the great music, as always. Tex Ritter’s song reminded me about the somewhat obscure “Hoosier Hotshots” and their song about Hillbillies making the big time titled “Them Hillbillies are Mountain Willies Now!” which was sort of their (the Hotshots) own story. They were a depression-era band that were Spike Jones-ish in their use of odd instruments/noises in their songs.

    Thanks, Mike McC

    • Anonymous

      I will try to find it, thanks.

      • Mike McC

        Thanks Paul,

        I have a CD that I will to donate to your collection titled “Havin’ Fun with the Hoosier Hotshots” from Collectors Choice, 2002.

        How does one go about donating music to KXT and your considerable catalog?

        Thanks again, Mike McC

        • Jerem69

          I have a few promo discs and copyright-free things that I would happily donate. Including a Chris Whitley promo of Rocket House. Send a reply if interested, Paul.

  • Anonymous

    Would you play Rufus Wainwright…do I disappoint you?

    • Anonymous

      not at all, I love Rufus. whaddaya wanna hear?

  • Judy JR

    I’m heading off to SXSW tomorrow and hope to hear a lot of cool new sounds, but won’t be back in time to request any for next week’s show. But until then, how about T-Bone Swing or No Sympathy by the super talented Chris Watson?

    • Anonymous

      cool, have fun in ATX

  • Jerem69

    That Vera Gemini sounds scary awesome on vacuum tube, MP3 or not!
    Thanks, Paul. Brings back memories..

  • Cut Loose

    Playing Mass Effect 3 while listening to your excellent show. It was surreal killing aliens with Peggy Lee and Mel Torme playing in the background. Anyway, how about some Little Walter with My Babe or this industrial tune called Headhunter by Front 242. Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      that sounds like a blast. I am still stuck on Unreal Tournament 2004. Its such a beautiful game, runs so smooth and so many maps, I guess I just havent kept up.

  • The_crystallake

    The Shins ‘new slang’ from oh, inverted world

    The Cinematic Orchestra ‘to build a home’ from ma fleur

    Wille Nelson ‘crazy’

    • Anonymous

      first mini list of the night! thanks !!

  • Do you know Scrappy Jud Newcomb of Austin? Heard him last year over in Mineral Wells and loved it. Try “Damaged Goods” on the Byzantine album.

    Band he’s in with Bruce Hghes is good too: The Resentments. Try “Where Did the Time Go?” from Roselight.

    • Anonymous

      not familiar with either of these

  • Redz

    hey Paul…except for John Denver and the Carpenters, otherwise a good show. 😉 Would love to hear one of your homeboys: MC 900 Foot Jesus – While the City Sleeps (LOVE the mental picture the lyrics make), Straight to Heaven, or Space Man.

    Also how about “Price of Parties” or “Bowie” by Flight of the Conchords?

    • Anonymous

      hey now, I wont hear any badmouthing of the Carpenters. As for john denver, I didnt play him this week, but now that you mention it, i will go looking for some for next week!

    • thom

      Redz, You need to go out and buy a Carpenters CD and a John Denver CD. They both added to popular music for a good reason.

  • thom

    ‘Mambo Italiano’ – Rosemary Clooney
    ‘I’ll Be There’ – Jackson 5
    ‘Somewhere out there’ – Our Lady Peace
    Some Ha Ha Tonka would be good too.
    Thanks Paul, Great show.

    • Jerem69

      OK – why does the Jackson 5 request make me think of Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise” as done by Patty Smith?
      Shoulda partied less when I was young..

      Is that Balou Bear I hear on backup vocals?
      Light me up, King Louie!

  • fredcandoit

    Thanks for playing my requests! I really enjoyed Imelda May’s version of “Tainted Love.”

  • fredcandoit

    How about The Jesus and Mary Chain to get psyched for the FREE show? And I’m nostalgic for The Beach Boys, “In My Room”

  • Paul

    Half Moon Run – “Full Circle” (Releases 27 March) Appearing @ SXSW

    Home Page:

    Thanks for another Marvello Show!!!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for all the suggestions and nice thoughts
    see you here next sunday night.

  • Andrew

    Here are a few more SXSW artists that I think deserve some airtime and could make for a good Paul Slavens show.

    From London UK-ENGLAND
    Charlie Simpson ‘Down Down Down’

    Charlie Simpson ‘Farmer & His Gun’

    From Madrid Spain
    Vetusta Morla – “El hombre del Saco”