The Paul Slavens Show: Live Blog for Feb. 26, 2012

Greetings. Well, this time it’s the Oscars.  Since a silent movie is going to win, why not turn down the sound and listen to some great tunes? This is where you can leave your polite comments and music suggestions. Remember, nothing too long or short, loud or soft and NO dirty words, please.
New to me this week:
Snooks Eaglin
SOUthern Culture on the Skids
Atlas SOund
Jun Miyake
Brenda Perry
Les Baxter
And One
Future Sounds of London

Also, I will be doing my weekly gig at Bryan Street Tavern right after the show. Come out and make up some songs with me. 11 p.m.

Tonight’s setlist:

Sarah Vaughan, “Whatever Lola Wants,” Gotan Project Remix – Verve Remixed 2
Reverend Horton Heat, “Psychobilly Freakout,” Smoke ’Em If You Got ’Em
Snooks Eaglin, “One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer,” New Orleans Street Singer
Midlake, “Am I Going Insane,” Late Night Tales
Eartha Kitt, “C’est Si Bon,” The Essential Eartha Kitt
The Tallest Man On Earth, “I Won’t Be Found,” Shallow Grave
Nick Cave & Neko Cave, “She’s Not There,” True Blood – Vol. 3
Brian Eno, “David Byrne – America is Waiting,” My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
Southern Culture On The Skids, “Venus,” Star Power!
Atlas Sound, “Modern Aquatic Nightsongs,” Parallax
Jun Miyake, “All Names,” Pina
Rodgers & Hammerstein, “Carefully Taught,” South Pacific Original Soundtrack
Air, “Moon Fever,” Le Voyage Dans La Lune
Lanu, “Beautiful Trash (Hidden Orchestra Remix),” Beautiful Trash Feat. Megan Washington
Brendan Perry, “Sloth,” Eye of the Hunter
Peopleodian, “Strange Machine,” It Woke The Moon!
Les Baxter, “Hong Kong Cable Car,” The Exotic Moods Of Les Baxter
Of Montreal, “An Eluardian Instance,” Skeletal Lamping
Jeff Beck Group, “I Ain’t Superstitious,” Truth
And One, “Military Fashion Show,” Military Fashion Show
Louise Larose, “Fete des belles eaux: V. Les fusses,” Messiaeno (Arr. For 4 Ondes Martenot)
Daniel Folmer, “AMELIA,” Danny Rush mp3
The Future Sound Of London, “Her Face Forms In Summertime,” Dead Cities
Nervous Curtains, “The Crooked Telepathic,” Fake Infinity
Bill Monroe, “Walking in Jerusalem (Just Like John),” Anthology (1950-1981)

  • Anonymous

    I am here and waiting to hear from you. Give me some music Ideas.

  • Ray Worth

    I just got tickets for my son and I to see the Frankenstein Brothers. I’ll probably be the oldest person in the audience. How about something by them next week.

    • Anonymous

      Never heard of it. guess it must be some of that new fangled kid music.

  • Dimmuborgir5000

    how about some Swayzak with Speakeasy

    • Anonymous

      how about it? I will check it out. thanks

  • Claude

    Love the SHOW. Idea……Post Toasties by Tommy Bolin! May be kind of long but………

    • Anonymous

      I will check it out, maybe pick something else if thats too long.

  • Al

    I like the show. Very unpretentious and very eclectic. Here are some songs I haven’t heard in a very long time:
    Bad Finger – Perfection
    Flash and The Pan – On The Road
    Del Lords – Soldiers Home (may be difficult to find)
    Mink DeVille – Each Word Is A Beat of My Heart
    anything by A.C Reed
    maybe something from A.B. Skhy

    Thanks for the heard work,


    • Anonymous

      thanks for the groovy song list
      expect to get some of this heard next week

  • Alex

    Os Novos Bianos – Misterio Do Planeta

    • Anonymous

      cant wait to hear what this sounds like, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    no! It would be great to have some, maybe somebody has some, or can you download it anywhere?

  • Anonymous

    thank you so much!
    A nice little mini list, I think I can accomodate you

  • Anonymous

    this sounds interesting, havent heard either of these

  • Anonymous

    does it have many minor seven flat five chords?

    • Kurt

      No… Every thing is in a major key… Very… well, OK, there may be one diminished chord. But you’ll hardly notice!

  • cut loose

    Erlend Oye – Ghost Trains

    • Anonymous

      this sounds intriguing

  • Andrew

    Here is the “Official Post-Oscar Paul Slaven’s Seven Song Suggestion List”:

    Polica – “Dark Star”

    Zola Jesus – “Vessel”

    First Aid Kit – “Emmylou” (Group From Sweden)

    Sóley – “Pretty Face”

    Marble Sounds – “Good Occasions”

    The Morning Benders – “Excuses”

    Lee Hazlewood – Nancy Sinatra – “Some Velvet Morning”

    • Anonymous

      have I told you lately that I love you? well, I love your list.

  • juan

    How about Nightmusic by Grimes?

    • Anonymous

      been hitting the Grimes pretty hard these last couple weeks, lots of requests for it, but I will see about one more time. thanks.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the suggestion and the heads up

  • Jenny

    The Notwist-Consequence

    I heard Air and thought of this band, love Talkie Walkie by Air.

    • Anonymous

      I have that for sure

  • Anonymous

    Thanks everyone. see you next week

  • Anonymous

    Olivier Messiaen +1

  • gabriel

    Great show last night! My favorite part was when “C’est Si Bon” came on and my teenage daughter gave me that “WHAT are you LISTENING to??” look. 🙂

    One of my favorites is Sufjan Steven’s “Now That I’m Older” (from Age of Adz). If that one’s too strange… I dig the unhurried synth sounds in “I Walked.” In fact that whole album (as well as “Illinoise”) is very creative.