Acoustic Café

Acoustic Café

Acoustic Café is a two-hour weekly radio show produced and hosted by Rob Reinhart. Listeners from around the globe tune in each week to hear the latest from today’s great songwriting talents, with a wide range of music selections including country, rock, blues, folk, pop and more. In addition to classic songwriters like Dylan, Mitchell, Young, Cash, Browne and Prine, Acoustic Café aims to highlight as many new talents as possible. Learn more and get playlists at

About Rob Reinhart

Rob Reinhart

Acoustic Café is hosted each week by Rob Reinhart. Rob started his professional broadcasting career while still in college, pursuing his degree in Psychology. Feeling the future of the human psyche to be limited, he threw himself into the infinitely expanding universe of radio and vinyl discs containing music.
Over the last 20 years, Reinhart has also owned a small ad agency and radio production company, written and produced syndicated comedy for radio, voiced thousands of radio and TV commercials, consulted movie, television and internet media projects, created and hosted both Acoustic Café and The No Depression Alt-Country Radio Hour (produced with No Depression Magazine) and has even been the voice of Radio Bonnaroo.

Tune in to Acoustic Café Sundays at 7am on KXT 91.7.