The KXT Local Show: Sarah Johnson, Sunrise Academy, SASCHA

The sun is in the sky, and the imposition of elongated spring storms is finally (hopefully?) in the rearview mirror. And the timing couldn’t be better, because this week’s Local Show lineup is loaded with feel-good energy.

After a quiet few years, Dallas rock band Aztec Milk Temple has returned with a debut album that spins across the wide alt-rock spectrum. “Some Place” is a more tempered corner of that spectrum, but one that is a flashpoint on the record — check out the song’s gorgeously hazy music video.

Another album with a fresh release is titled Adjacent to Alright, from Denton singer/songwriter Ellis Piper. This week, we heard a cut called “Interstate” that softly blows with bittersweet introspection. If you enjoy your weekends with a chaser of folk-ier easy listening, put the whole record on.

Booker T. Washington and UNT alumna Amari Amore’s new song “Angel” is a much needed dose of calm comfort. The pop-folk artist says it’s inspired by her own self-reminders that she’s on the right path and that everything will be alright. 

There’s plenty more you don’t want to miss, so check out the full playlist below. And, if you’re a musician out of North Texas, don’t forget to drop your music here. 

Sarah Johnson
Americana singer/songwriter Sarah Johnson is back with an anthem for what she’s declaring “The summer of confidence.” The brassy new single is called “Mess You Up Good” and unveils a seductive shade of Johnson’s songwriting arsenal we haven’t seen from her before, and now we can’t get enough of it. You can see it for yourself live at her Girls of DFW showcase on June 26, which will also feature North Texas favorites like Elyse Jewel, Sunny Marcell, Paige Hill and more. 

Pop music is the unofficial bastion of summer soundtracks, and confidence is its crux this year. Much like Sarah Johnson, pop singer SASCHA is taking – or rather, leaving – what’s her’s on “I’m Out,” a glossy standout from her just-dropped debut album, Moon St. Last night was her official Local Show debut as she’s originally from Sweden but now calls Dallas home, and this first impression is one worth replaying, especially if you’re due for heeding her advice: quit checking their likes, block, and then delete that damn number.

Sunrise Academy
The soft, dream-like excitement that radiates from a night spent with someone special finds a warm embrace on Sunrise Academy’s new single, “Dinner Date.” Much like with “Peace of Mind” from earlier this year, the indie-pop duo’s chemistry is on full display with breezy harmonies and a sound that rests well alongside rising bands like Hovvdy and The Backseat Lovers. 

The KXT Local Show – 6/13/24

”Mess You Up Good” – Sarah Johnson

”You Got Me” – The Vintage Yell

”Southbound” – Redwall

”Dinner Date” – Sunrise Academy

”Conversion Therapy” – Depression Nap

”Some Place” – Aztec Milk Temple

”I’m Out” – SASCHA

”Skin” – Allison Ponthier

”Lately (Remix)” – Yexy Yexx

”Interstate” – Ellis Piper

”Indigo” – Davenport

”Gift Cards” – Landon Hoffman

”Together We Will Sink or Swim” – Vandoliers

”Angel” – Amari Amore

”Billboard Sign” – Stephanie Sammons

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