Girls of DFW’s 4th installment came with a major announcement from founder Sarah Johnson

Girls of DFW headliners (left to right) Elyse Jewel, Sarah Johnson, Alexandra, Sunny Marcell. Photo: Jessica Waffles

The cat’s out of the bag: Dallas’ Americana darling Sarah Johnson is moving to Nashville.

Last night, Poor David’s Pub played host to the fourth installment of the Girls of DFW event, an all-female music showcase and Johnson’s brainchild. Headliners Elyse Jewel, Sarah Johnson, Alexandra and Sunny Marcell played an in-the-round style set after supporting acts Jenine Chelsea, Jessi England, Paige Hill, Chloe Jobin and Katherine Paterson opened the show.

Johnson took the opportunity to tell the crowd of her big move before playing her song “Going to Nashville” (which comes out in late July), expressing her gratitude for the growth the event has experienced and the support she’s received from the community.

“Two years ago, I saw a need in the DFW music scene: a platform for our female artists to share their original music to a captive audience, build community with each other, and come together to showcase the incredible talent we have in the metroplex,” Johnson stated in a press release.

In this intimate setting, not only do the artists get to play their original songs for an attentive listening room, but they are given the space to tell the backstories and inspiration behind their writing.

Jasmin Indigo was the MC for the night; her thoughtful and well-researched on-stage interview questions gave fluidity to the event, expanding understanding between artists and audience. From overcoming the mundane repetition of everyday life to dreaming of a married man, guests got a peek into the private moments that have shaped the artists’ musical catalogues.

Indigo will take over as the producer of the event, and will continue the legacy Johnson has built here in North Texas.

Jasmin Indigo (left) hosted the night, taking the reigns from Girls of DFW founder Sarah Johnson (right). Photo: Jessica Waffles
Fort Worth artist Jenine Chelsea opened the show with her debut single “Memory,” which was released last month. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Paige Hill played “Go West” and “Dear Dallas,” from her new album People & Places. Photo: Jessica Waffles
The crowd at Poor David’s Pub intently listened to each performer as they sang and gave background stories of their songs. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Katherine Paterson’s debut album Wake dropped earlier this year, with “Bloom” receiving over 30,000 listens on Spotify. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Jessi England played “Break My Heart,” her 2020 single inspired by a married man, as well as the title track of her upcoming album “Golden Flowers.” Photo: Jessica Waffles
Chloe Jobin performed her song “My Way Back Home,” which she released in 2023. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Sarah Johnson announced that she’s moving to Nashville “in four days” at the event, debuting her song about Nashville ahead of its release. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Sunny Marcell, who plays bass and sings, was accompanied by her husband John Kulmacz on guitar. Photo: Jessica Waffles
The songwriters played “in the round,” which means they played a single song each in rotation a few times while giving backstory on their inspirations for the music. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Elyse Jewel played her unreleased song “Love Now,” talking about the first time she’s felt unconditional love. The song comes out July 12. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Jasmin Indigo asked the performers questions while they were on stage to help bridge the gap between artist and audience. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Sunny Marcell played unreleased song “Cruel,” which will be on the way to listeners’ ears soon. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Alexandra performed a song she wrote two weeks ago called “Lift the Veil,” which was inspired by the concept of “people being vulnerable with you, but you not feeling empowered to be as vulnerable with them.” Photo: Jessica Waffles
Sarah Johnson also announced that since she will be moving to Nashville, this was the last Girls of DFW event that she would have a hands-on role – passing the torch to Jasmin Indigo to take over. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 
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