The KXT Local Show: Rosegarden Funeral Party, Vandoliers, Redwall

Summer is officially here, although you wouldn’t know it by the barrage of torrential downpours. (Seriously, there has been extensive damage across North Texas.)  

So, stay dry and safe out there, and hopefully this week’s exceptional lineup of new music from your fellow North Texans will provide you some euphonious respite.

Dallas duo The Vintage Yell recently dropped a magnetic new Americana cut called “You Got Me” that makes us long for the rainless Texas summer days on a patio. You can catch them live at The Sound in Coppell tonight at 8 p.m.

Landon Hoffman, who hails from Brock, Texas just west of Fort Worth, teamed up with the Cowtown natives at 7013 Records for his warm, Texas country song, “Gift Cards.” The song comes from his brand new album titled Time Machine that just dropped last week. 

And longtime Dallas post-punk group [DARYL] is back with a hypnotic new single called “I Dream Alone.” The song features dreamy vocals from Yahaira Van Malkenhorst that actually make a perfect score to rainy, windshield-blurred nights like we had last night.

Don’t miss the full playlist down below! And as always, if you’re a musician in North Texas, we want to queue you up next. You can send submissions for Local Show consideration right here

This Southlake four-piece has been playing music together since elementary school, and last night, they made their Local Show debut with a bright, anthemic new single called “Southbound.” Consider this a declaration that Redwall should be among your rising artists to watch from North Texas – three of them only just graduated high school earlier this month!

Rosegarden Funeral Party
Rosegarden Funeral Party is the project led by Leah Lane, who is also a member of Dallas bands like Secrecies and Deep Red. The band dropped a new album back in March, and I just couldn’t allow the title track to get past you. Lane’s soaring vocals pierce through the self-reflective lyrics of “From The Ashes” in a way that truly punctuate the thesis of the album. You can catch Rosegarden Funeral Party’s next show at Granada Theater’s Obituary Fest on July 6.

Closing out the show this week was an expectedly rowdy new number from the cow punks of Dallas’ Vandoliers. “Together We Will Sink Or Swim” is a battle cry of sorts for having grit in dark times as the band harmoniously pledges “Forever ‘till the bitter end/We will be braver than we’ve ever been.” The best part of this is that there’s more where it came from – the song is part of a dual-single release with another track titled “Nobody’s Fault But My Own.”

The KXT Local Show – 5/30/24

”Southbound” – Redwall

”Breadcrumbs” – Cut Throat Finches

”Bye Bye Baby” – New Ellum

”From The Ashes” – Rosegarden Funeral Party

”The Shrike” – Playtime Rabbit

”Gucci Doom (Piano Version)” – Lorelei K

”I Dream Alone” – [DARYL]

”Indigo” – Davenport

”Extrasolar” – Cryptolog

”You Got me” – The Vintage Yell

”Antoinette” – The Midnight Howl

”Gift Cards” – Landon Hoffman

”Together We Will Sink Or Swim” – Vandoliers

”Shake” – Flowerbed

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