Gary Clark Jr rips through Fort Worth before heading to Dallas tonight

Last night, Gary Clark Jr blew the roof off the Will Rogers Auditorium in Fort Worth. Tonight, he’ll attempt to do the same at Dallas’ Majestic Theatre.

Many of the songs in his set Wednesday came from Clark’s new 12-track album JPEG RAW, which dropped on March 22.

JPEG RAW follows his acclaimed 2019 release This Land with a bold exploration of societal chaos and personal introspection. Born out of tumultuous years marked by a global pandemic, civil rights protests, and political unrest, the new album navigates themes of fate, societal disconnection, and the search for hope and triumph.

Clark’s signature guitar prowess drives tracks like “Maktub” (in the video above), while collaborations with music heavy-hitters Stevie Wonder (in “What About the Children“) and George Clinton (in “Funk Witch U“) showcase Clark’s ability in creating musical alchemy.

Fort Worth’s Abraham Alexander opened the show, and he credited Clark with inspiring Alexander to pick up a guitar 8 years ago. He said he was grateful that Clark appeared on Alexander’s on his debut record SEA/SONS, and that they get to share a stage together.

Catch the replay of this show tonight, May 9, at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas. Abraham Alexander opens. Tickets on Live Nation.

Abraham Alexander opened the Gary Clark Jr show at Will Rogers Auditorium in Fort Worth, and will open tonight at The Majestic in Dallas. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Abraham Alexander’s ensemble brings a joy to the stage through their musical acumen and chemistry. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Gark Clark Jr came onto the stage at Will Rogers to a roaring crowd. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Gary Clark Jr’s dropped his latest album JPEG RAW last month on March 22. Photo: Jessica Waffles
The audience got on their feet for Gary Clark Jr. Photo: Jessica Waffles
The light show for Gary Clark Jr’s set complemented the warm edgy vibe of his music. Photo: Jessica Waffles
A moment snapped in time in Fort Worth, TX. Photo: Jessica Waffles
The familiar feeling of trying to capture a fleeting moment. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Gary Clark Jr can make a big space feel like a cozy home. Photo: Jessica Waffles
This tour is a must-see for any lover of music and stage production. Photo: Jessica Waffles
The man himself in Fort Worth, TX. Photo: Jessica Waffles
All eyes on modern legend Gary Clark Jr. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 
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