Charley Crockett’s surprise show at Good Records for $10 Cowboy album release in Dallas

“A $10 cowboy is a country singer who made himself on a street corner in America. But the cowboy way, the cowboy mindset, applies to anyone who doesn’t feel free, who feels fenced in and bound to something,” Crockett said. Photo: Jessica Waffles

In case you haven’t heard, Charley Crockett is currently killing it.

In a whirlwind of a decade, Crockett has dropped 15 albums since his self-published debut album A Stolen Jewel in 2015. His latest offering $10 Cowboy has gained yet another ground swell of support from his fans, seen at Good Records in Dallas Thursday afternoon for a short solo set and meet-and-greet – ahead of his sold-out show at the legendary Longhorn Ballroom Thursday night.

The album has received over 6 million listens on Spotify in just one week, signaling the connection listeners feel to the new material. There’s more infusion of soul and blues influences in the songs compared to his 2022 hit record The Man From Waco, which might feel a like a throwback to long-time fans of Crockett.

“America” is a standout song among the collection, hitting on moody tones through Crockett’s crestfallen lyrics intertwined with silky guitar licks, mournful trumpet, and a choir. The words feel like a love letter to his fans, as well as a cathartic release as an artist.

Crockett gets to view the world through a unique lens as a self-proclaimed transient, where his observations of America have led him to delivering “raw, personal, vivid portraits of a country in transition.”

From top to bottom, this record feels like an underdog hero’s journey. Hardship is often the catalyst of greatness, and as the B-side takes us out with “Lead The Way” and “Midnight Cowboy,” the album ends in a positive light.

Fun Fact: The Dallas tour stop was the last American date before Crockett heads to England to play three sold-out shows at Hoxton Hall in London next week.

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Fans that bought copies of the new $10 Cowboy vinyl record patiently waited in line under the Texas sun. Photo: Jessica Waffles
“Reserved for the $10 Cowboy.” Photo: Jessica Waffles
Charley Crockett drove up to Good Records in a GMC Caballero. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Crockett sure knows how to make an entrance with style. Photo: Jessica Waffles
The first music lovers in line at Good Records for Charley Crockett’s $10 Cowboy album release. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Elated fans as soon as the short set was over at Good Records. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Charley Crockett self-released his debut album A Stolen Jewel in 2015, and $10 Cowboy marks his 15th album in 9 years. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Every square foot of Good Records was filled with fans eager to get a moment with Charley Crockett. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Crockett’s warm demeanor is kind and inviting to his fans. Photo: Jessica Waffles
There’s something special about a fleeting moment in an autograph. Photo: Jessica Waffles
“Texas Forever,” signed Charley Crockett on Mike Winter’s $10 Cowboy bill. Photo: Jessica Waffles
A sweet moment with a young fan getting to meet Charley Crockett at Good Records. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Chris Penn of Good Records and Charley Crockett just before departure to Longhorn Ballroom. Photo: Jessica Waffles
The $10 Cowboy rolls onto the next stop, where he’s sold out the legendary Longhorn Ballroom. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 
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