Thin Line Fest stays on the cutting edge with a diverse array of arts in Denton

“I haven’t played this room this crowded in a long time,” Vandoliers frontman Joshua Fleming said on stage with a smile as wide as Texas at Dan’s Silverleaf. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Music, film and photography brought out the crowds in Denton last weekend for Thin Line Fest, the free annual 5-day event.

Over 80 local and traveling music artists were spread across several pillars of the music community, including Dan’s Silverleaf, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, Andy’s Bar, Harvest House, Steve’s Wine Bar, and Bearded Monk. These venues are the heartbeat of Denton, and it was a pleasure to see the city come out to support.

Thin Line Fest screened more than 20 films, including music videos among the documentaries at Campus Theatre and Bearded Monk. Featured submissions included a mind-bending video for “Vortex” by Jasimi (see below), a tender-hearted narrative of time versus our personal relationships in “Forget” by Amethyst Michelle (see at bottom of article), and the confrontational pop punk-influenced “Innocent Consent,” by Carlone Carr – which was filmed at Denton’s now-closed Killer’s Tacos (RIP) and has garnered nearly half a million views on YouTube.

Fun Fact: Thin Line Fest holds the distinction of being the longest-running documentary film festival in Texas, showcasing the enduring popularity and importance of the documentary genre.

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Math-rock band Abelia played Harvest house for Thin Line Fest. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Bubby played a set at The Bearded Monk, where Thin Line Fest showcased music videos for the festival. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Alabama artist Taylor Hunnicutt played Thin Line Fest at Dan’s Silverleaf as the last show of her tour. Photo: Jessica Waffles
The Thin Line Fest photo gallery, hosted by Patterson Appleton Arts Center. Photo: Jessica Waffles
David Forsyth sang tunes at Dan’s Silverleaf, including songs from his new EP How ’bout That. Photo: Jessica Waffles
The audience at dan’s Silverleaf listening to David Forsyth. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Dome Dwellers enchanted the crowd at Harvest House for Thin Line Fest. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Vandoliers filled the room while playing at Dan’s Silverleaf for Thin Line Fest. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Vandoliers’ Cory Graves gets the party started at Dan’s Silverleaf for Thin Line Fest. Photo: Jessica Waffles
Travis Curry and Joshua Fleming of Vandoliers on stage at Dan’s Silveleaf. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 
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