North Texas songstress Averi Burk embarks on new horizons in California

A musician on stage singing and playing guitar

Averi Burk performed at Fort Brewery during her last string of shows before her departure to California this month. Photo: Jessica Waffles

All things must end, to make way for the new. Such is the sweet departure of beloved DFW artist Averi Burk, who’s moving to Los Angeles before the month is out.

In the last few years, Burk has become a local music powerhouse. Her ability to create juxtaposition of darkness and light in her music has given her an edge, embodying the quintessential rebel spirit. Her musical prowess and dynamic stage presence backs this spirit, as anyone who as ever been to one of her shows can testify.

Last weekend she performed at one of her last shows in North Texas at Fort Brewery. She could be heard soulfully mashing up “Attention” by Charlie Puth and “Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers as guests filtered in. On stage, it’s like she’s siting in her home studio, just vibing. The audience gets to be a fly on the wall on an intimate moment as she weaves magic.

Even when she’s covering songs at a restaurant bar,  her style stands out. Her solo show is a full production; with her laptop, beat-maker, guitar, bass and looper, she’s ready to take you into a world of her creation.

A portrait of a woman smiling

Averi Burk is a force to be reckoned with as she makes her way to California. Photo: Jessica Waffles

“We’ve been thinking about [moving to LA] for a minute, because my fiancé is from California. So like all her family’s there,” Burk said in an interview between sets at Fort Brewery. “Then Troy and Anthony moved out there [Burk’s former drummer and bassist], and they’re like, ‘Dude you just gotta get out here and start working.’”

Burk plans to reunite with her former bandmates, and has a new home in Hollywood and her first gig lined up.

“I met a girl out here named Joanna who does cover gigs, and so she’s hooking me up with an agency and kinda throwing my name out here to a bunch of restaurants she plays at. So she’s literally like, an angel on earth, blessing me,” Burk laughed.

A musician on stage singing and playing guitar

Averi Burk’s solo show includes the ability to lay out a full song with her multi-instrumental setup. Photo: Jessica Waffles

“But beyond that, I haven’t figured out original shows yet. I kinda want to get into the scene a little more and find out what’s going on, ya know? ” Burk said. “So my immediate plans are to get my bearings, make some money, go to shows and meet a bunch of people.”

From the outside looking in, LA seems like a logical next step for this emerging artist. While North Texas is home to many talented musicians, it’s natural for a young artist to feel the pull of new horizons.

In 2020, Burk shifted to focus full time on her music career. Since then, she’s released over a dozen singles and an EP, garnering over 350k streams on Spotify. Now at age 26, she’s ready to expand beyond her home state.

A musician on stage singing and playing guitar

DFW will surely miss the sounds of Averi Burk. Photo: Jessica Waffles

An enclosed outdoor patio

The patio at Fort Brewery during Averi Burk’s set. Photo: Jessica Waffles

“I’m so glad I have my roots here, and I’m so glad I came from this place,” Burk said. “But I’m just trying to keep momentum, for real. It’s like, I think I definitely got comfortable here. And I’ve played a lot. And so I think that was my thing, was that I was over-playing. And kind of over-saturating myself. It’s time to try a new market, try to expand. Another one of my goals this year is just to figure out how to get on the road as well.”

Although she doesn’t have “new” music plans just yet, Burk will soon be dropping a living room live session she recorded in LA, featuring her 2023 singles “paradise,” “CHOKE” and “circles.” You can find the music video for “circles” at the bottom of this article, which was released last month.

“This move has honestly taken up most of my brain space, so it’s [been] hard for me to write anything [new]. But I feel like once I’m out there, being in a new place is probably inspiring. I mean, I’ve never done it, so I can only hope,” Burk laughed.

A musician on stage singing and playing guitar

Averi Burk’s relentlessly cool stage presence invites listeners into her world. Photo: Jessica Waffles

“I honestly am most excited for the nature aspect. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always just been so drawn to the beach. And like, just being outside has made me feel close to god and like wanted and centered. Now that I’m out of the religious [stuff], that is my time. You know what I’m saying? That’s when I feel connected and it’s everywhere [in California],” Burk said. “For me, it’s a whole brand new world out there.”

Burk emphasizes her gratitude for her dad, her mom, her sister and her fiancé Hope, as well as many people in the music network of DFW that have given her opportunities.

A musician on stage singing and playing guitar

“Open your eyes, this is paradise” – from Averi Burk’s song “Paradise.” Photo: Jessica Waffles

“I couldn’t do any of this without them,” Burk said. “Big thanks to TRND Music as well. They were who I first worked with out in Fort Worth. I was their first artist in their artist development ad management program. They introduced me to Amplify 817, Hear Fort Worth, Visit Fort Worth. And they have all been literal angels in my life, and have changed the course of my career. I wouldn’t have had as many opportunities, and I wouldn’t have been on like half of the stages without them. I’d also like to shout out Domingo, who introduced me to the cover world scene. So I’ve been able to make a living off music, which is amazing.”

Honorable mentions of thank you’s also included Sue Ellen’s in Dallas for being her second residency, helping her make rent every month, and Brew & Batter in Grapevine for being her longest residency, every Saturday morning.

“A thank you to all the venues/bars in Dallas that have ever booked me and given me a shot,” Burk said.

A musician on stage singing and playing guitar

Don’t miss Averi Burk’s full band going away party January 21 at Sue Ellen’s Dallas. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Averi Burk’s magnetism is powerful and seemingly effortless. North Texas is lucky to have had her around as long as we have. Every note that resonates from her voice and every nuanced strum of her guitar reflects the years of experience and growth she brings to her music.

Catch her last sets here, especially the full-band going away party at Sue Ellen’s:

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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