“Live Music Revival” brings 4 days of local music to Six Springs Tavern and Opening Bell

a full band with 5 musicians plays on stage - keys, guitar, vocals, drums, bass

MIN made her original music set debut with her band at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson for the event Spring to Life in April 2022. (left to right) Blake Cheek, Charley Wiles, Jasmin “MIN” Ramlal, Brad Koegel, Jake Greenburg. Photo: Jessica Waffles

In a heartfelt plea for the preservation of live music, Brad Springs, the owner of Six Springs Tavern in Richardson, took to Facebook on December 6 to plant the seed for an ambitious initiative – a Live Music Revival weekend.

As recent closures of beloved music venues sent shockwaves through the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Springs called for a united effort to revitalize the local music scene.

The brainchild of Six Springs bar manager Joshua Winch, the Live Music Revival is set to unfold over four days this weekend, from Thursday January 4 to Sunday January 7 at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson and Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas.

These venues, known for their unwavering support of original local music, will host a diverse lineup of bands, showcasing the rich tapestry of talent within the community.

A crowd sits on various stools and tables

The crowd at Spring to Life was full and receptive to the musical performances at Six Springs Tavern. Photo: Jessica Waffles

The response to Springs’ call was overwhelming, with his Facebook post garnering over 140 reactions, 47 comments, and 22 shares within the DFW music community. Recognizing the need for a collective effort, Springs emphasized the importance of unity and community in sustaining the live music scene.

The initiative gained momentum rapidly, with artists eager to participate. By December 7, just hours after the initial announcement, two-thirds of the available time slots were already booked.

Springs emphasized that the event was not a competition; instead, it was a platform for local musicians to support each other and build a collective audience.

Inspired by the community’s enthusiasm, Opening Bell Coffee joined the Live Music Revival on December 8, offering a second stage for the event.

A musician playing guitar and singing

Supporters came to Opening Bell Coffee to contribute to the fundraising event Aloha for Lahaina in August 2023. Photo: Jessica Waffles

To encourage participation and show appreciation for local support, Springs outlined the ticketing system for the Live Music Revival on the Six Springs Tavern Facebook page. Every individual performer will be given a set number of tickets to distribute as they see fit, either selling them or giving them away.

Each ticket provides the holder access to a single entry into each partner venue over the span of the event. This innovative approach not only supports the performing bands directly but also promotes cross-venue engagement, fostering a sense of community among music enthusiasts.

Springs encapsulated the spirit of the Live Music Revival in a heartfelt quote: “I can’t speak for Keri but the struggles have made it all that much sweeter for me, what we have accomplished and are still here? The soundtrack to our lives has been amazing. And I’d like to think that we’ve at least made a tiny shift in the overall perception of what original live music means to the world. And why we can’t let it die in lieu of cover and tribute bands as a norm.

“What happens when it has been squeezed out to where we’ve reached a point where no original music is being created because there is no support for it? Tribute bands playing shows to tribute to tribute bands? It just really isn’t viable if you look at it with even the bare bones of common sense, dystopia 101.

“But we can fix it, week one 2024. The original bands are in, down to show you what they have going on. Can you as a music fan handle showing up to see/hear a show that isn’t comprised of songs you’ve heard 1,000 times played in knock-off version. We shall see. The cool kids are into discovering what’s new, what’s next, I’ll be 55 in Feb. and for better or worse I still consider myself a cool kid. An open mind, the soundtrack to my life carries on, it didn’t stop 10, 15, 20, 30 years ago musically.

“So here’s your get-out-of-stuck-in-a-rut opportunity.”

A music festival lineup poster

Flyer for the 2024 Live Music Revival. Source: Six Springs Tavern Facebook Page

The 4-day event will include over 30 original music artists and groups across all genres, with music starting at 5:00 PM on Thursday and Friday, and 2:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets at the door will be $10.

Music time slots for Live Music Revival:

Thursday January 4 – Six Springs Tavern

5pm Rickey Gene Wright / 6pm Sucia Muerte / 7pm Jeff Hewitt / 8pm Neely Rose / 9pm Orangutan Super Love / 10pm Steve Salcedo

Thursday January 4 – Opening Bell Coffee

6:15pm The Dead Keys / 7:00pm Sharon Walker / 7:45pm Dave Christen / 8:30pm Robin Willis

Friday January 5 – Six Springs Tavern

5pm Greg Lee / 6pm Gary White / 7pm Itchie Richie and The Burning Sensations / 8pm Down Home Band / 9pm Red Dirt Redemption / 10pm Bethnie Rose / 11pm Soulshine

Friday January 5 – Opening Bell Coffee

6:15pm Dook Dootson / 7:00pm Bethnie Rose / 7:45pm Grayson Micael / 8:30pm American Sycamore

Saturday January 6 – Six Springs Tavern

2pm Against All Odds / 3pm The Blue Line / 4pm Two Guys Walk Into A Bar / 5pm Terry Wayne Conder / 6pm The Troumatics / 7pm 3rd. St. Chaos / 8pm Jeff Zero and & His Own Private Universe / 9pm Intemperate Sons / 10pm BK & The Understanding / 11pm OHELLO

Saturday January 6 – Opening Bell Coffee

6:15pm Clay & Kemp / 7:00pm Rodger Delany / 7:45pm Rachel Yeatts, Blue GrassFire / 8:30pm Ivan Dillard

Sunday January 7 – Six Springs Tavern

2pm The Fault Lines / 3pm Stephen Like / 4pm Clay & Kemp / 5pm Sunny Disposition / 6pm Dead Keys / 7pm Beyond Destiny / 8pm Dook Dootson

As the Live Music Revival unfolds, it serves as a beacon of hope for the local music community. It not only provides a stage for musicians but also encourages music lovers to embrace the diversity of original, live music.

In a world saturated with cover and tribute bands, the Live Music Revival stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity and the power of a united community dedicated to preserving the soul of local music.

Learn more on the Six Springs Tavern website and Facebook page.

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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