10 new North Texas songs to listen to this month


Check out North Texas music released within the last 30 days by artists of all genres.

  1. Old City Lights – “Sincerely”

Soft and sweet mixed with a bit of edge, this new release from Dallas-based group Old City Lights is from their new 9-track sophomore album Monarch, following their 2017 debut album Pangaea.

Listen on Spotify: Monarch album

2. Meredith Crawford – “When God Made Horses”

East Texas-based country / soul songstress Meredith Crawford just released her new song “When God Made Horses,” a reflective offering that digs into the spiritual aspect of human nature.

“When you get yourself out of the way and allow bigger things to be revealed, you’ll see the world around you differently.” – Meredith Crawford

Listen on Spotify: “When God Made Horses”

3. Genini – “Tom Jones”

Fort Worth-based electro-soul duo Genini dropped this dreamy number “Tom Jones” Nov. 10, showcasing their signature analog beats and “mind expansion” style. This is their third single release to date, following their two singles in 2021.

Listen on Spotify: “Tom Jones”

4. Shondalla Calder – “Brighter Day”

Violinist, composer and arranger Shondalla Calder’s new song “Brighter Day” is a dynamic instrumental piece that brings Calder’s elegance to the forefront, evoking strong emotion through her strings. Its release follows “Golden Hour,” a song she released earlier this year that has garnered over 70,000 plays on Spotify.

Listen on Spotify: “Brighter Day”

5. Worst Case Scenario – “American Wasteland”

This driving pop-punk song just dropped from Dallas-based Worst Case Scenario. It’s a commentary on American society and politics, and is the quintessential anthem for a generation frustrated with our culture. The track follows the release of “Mung Berries,” a single they released in May of this year.

Listen on Spotify: “American Wasteland”

6. Chancy – “Junebug Garden”

Dallas-based indie pop band Chancy just released their new single “Junebug Garden,” showcasing their atmospheric-dance sensibilities and ability to bring positivity into the airwaves. The release follows their earlier 2023 song “Draw It.”

Listen on Spotify: “Junebug Garden”

7. Sonar Lights – “Optimal Decay”

This song is the fifth single from Fort Worth-based Sonar Lights’ upcoming album At The Edge of the World, set to release in Spring of 2024. The song is like a warm blanket in a damp cave, whose lyrics reflect the dissatisfaction of the human condition in societal structures while the bass line takes us for a walk up a mountain.

Listen on Spotify: “Optimal Decay”

8. Fantasticboom – “you don’t want what love is”

This song comes from new sophomore album that which cost me nothing, which features contributions from over 20 local and regional musicians – bringing to life Mark Cuthbertson’s vision for Fantasticboom. The whole album is a sonic landscape made to explore, filled with pockets of undiscovered terrain. Wander off for a while in this new album.

Listen on Spotify: that which cost me nothing album

9. Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch – “Fragile” 

This song come from Jason Elmore’s new album, Rise Up Lights, their first full album release since 2016. Their signature blend of blues and rock comes out strong on the track, with Elmore’s strong vocals and guitar aficionado skills solidly displayed.

Listen on Spotify: Rise Up Lights album

10. The Dirty Shirts – “Midnight Casanova”

Another upbeat dance tune from Dallas glam-rock band The Dirty Shirts, this new song is ready to paint the town red. Self-proclaimed “dance floor rock n roll,” this song keeps the momentum going for a band on the rise full of hunger and excitement.

Listen on Spotify: “Midnight Casanova”

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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