Dallas hip-hop is in the age of CHROMA

Bleu Santana, Polito and Kalid Abdul. Photo Credit: Andres “FITO” Plascencia

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CHROMA, comprised of Polo “Polito” Plascencia, Kalid “Kalid Abdul” Robledo, Alex “Bleu Santana” Olmos and visual artist Andres “FITO” Plascencia, are a Latinx rap collective influenced by the sound of popular alternative hip-hop artists like BROCKHAMPTON, Tyler, the Creator and Aminé.

CHROMA blends hip-hop and rap influences with Mexican culture by weaving Spanish and English lyrics on top of funky beats to create high-energy tracks that make you want to groove.

CHROMA started their music journey with the release of their 2019 debut mixtape, The Year of the Puma. The album was a learning experience for the trio, and marks the “innocence and creativity of the group’s beginnings.” A year later, CHROMA and Arlington-based indie-pop artist A-Wall released a joint album Primavera, and their featured single “Watcha Say?” has over 5 million streams on Spotify. After briefly joining boy pablo’s Wachito Rico tour, CHROMA hit the road with A-wall to perform across Texas in late 2022. Earlier this year, CHROMA and A-Wall were named D Magazine’s Best Musical Collaboration for the joint record. CHROMA also joined Dallas-based indie-pop artist Ariel & the Culture for a Summer tour this past August.

CHROMA’s latest release, The Age of Starlight, is a 14-track album that features artists Ariel & the Culture, A-Wall, Pat Ron and Zebra Troop that touches on the good, bad and ugly of the human experience.

“[The Age of Starlight] is us in our rawest form,” Kalid Abdul told KXT. “[It’s] showing a piece of us in the timeline of our lives and careers, and bringing together all the colors and sounds that make us who we are.”

Not only have you heard CHROMA on the KXT Local Show, but you may also have seen them on your TikTok “For You” page. The trio has garnered more than 200,000 views on two TikTok videos that featured their songs “Haverwood” and “Volaré.”

Following the release of The Age of Starlight, the group plans to tour with stops in Dallas, McAllen and San Antonio. Follow CHROMA on Instagram and Tik Tok for updates and “vlogs” of the trio!

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