Dallas alternative R&B singer-songwriter Damoyee brings her eclectic sound to Cafe Momentum

Wearing a yellow shirt, Damoyee poses in front of a blue backdrop

Damoyee. Photo: Shane McCormick

There’s an inherent tension in Damoyee’s latest single, “don’t know,” between its airy, luscious R&B sensibility and the occasionally raw lyrics (“I’ve got a feeling that this won’t get no better/By the way you shut me out and you behave”) that is downright arresting.

The Dallas-based multi-hyphenate — composer, musician, singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and recording artist — says such push-and-pull is intentional.

“I do try not to be too sinister, I guess, and too dark about my lyrics, although they are based off of real-life events … and true stories,” Damoyee said during a recent conversation. “My lyrics come from a really strong aspect of being a hopeless romantic that just wants nothing but a good experience from someone or something — kind of looking into the light of [a situation].”

The latest in a steady string of singles Damoyee (pronounced duh-moi-yay) has released since her 2019 LP The Whole Truth, “don’t know” was co-written and co-produced by Annie Elise. Damoyee, who will occasionally workshop ideas on TikTok livestreams, described the roll-out of each new single — five thus far — as “introducing a new era” each time.

“I’m trying to continue delving deep into this hybrid of electro pop and ethereal R&B, or alternative R&B [but] still with hints of classical and jazz, since I grew up on those two genres,” she said. “Kind of introducing ‘This is where I am right now.’ It will [all] potentially be released as a project [but] no dates are set in stone.”

Damoyee will bring her eclectic, engaging songs, complete with a full band backing her, to downtown Dallas and Café Momentum’s “Sunday Supper Concert Series” on Aug. 20, a booking she’s “so, so happy” to have on her calendar.

“I really love and admire [Café Momentum’s] mission, and what it means for young people in the community,” Damoyee said. “I believe it’s so, so important to uplift any group of people through any means, and Café Momentum is truly doing their part.”

Café Momentum Sunday Supper Concert Series featuring Damoyee at Café Momentum, Dallas. 6 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $98, inclusive of a three-course meal.

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