Wake-N-Bake Brunch Sundays at Six Springs Tavern in Richardson

Two musicians, one singing and playing bass

Wake-N-Bake Brunch host Sunny Marcell (right) with her most recent guest Terry Wayne Conder (left). Photo: Jessica Waffles

Nestled in the heart of Richardson, music venue Six Springs Tavern is showcasing original music artists with their Sunday series Wake-N-Bake Brunch – hosted by Sunny Marcell from local band Sunny Disposition.

This event was once a 90-minute performance by a single artist, but Wake-N-Bake Brunch has evolved into a song-swap and podcast-style interview hosted by Marcell. She invites guests to play original songs, talk about inspiration, favorite bands, the creative process of songwriting and more.

A marquee that says "wake-n-bake"

Sundays at Six Springs Tavern are for relaxing. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Marcell’s joyous attitude breathes life into the program, which is live taped for Six Springs Tavern’s WellspringTV. The upcoming dates will feature a slew of songwriters, leaning into what Marcell calls “rock ballad singer-songwriters.

“The first show I did for Wake-N-Bake,” Marcell said, “was with all the band members of Sunny Disposition. After that, I took on hosting for July, and now I’ve got it booked through August. A lot of the guests that come on my show are taking off their electric guitars and picking up acoustic.”

A plate with an omelette and potatoes

The Six Springs Tavern brunch menu includes an omelette option that comes with a side of potatoes. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Last Sunday featured songwriter Terry Wayne Conder from Denison, TX (a boarder city to Oklahoma).

His song “Givin’ Me Hell” was a standout among the originals he shared. The song’s inspiration came from a rough time in Conder’s life that brought him to the realization that he’d been blaming others for his misfortune.

“I had a light bulb moment,” he said. “Like actually, I think I should take responsibility.”

A wide shot of two people sitting on a couch, cameras in front of them, with a neon sign that says "The B Side"

Wake-N-Bake Brunch is hosted in a corner of Six Springs Tavern dubbed “The B Side,” featuring a couch, cameras, a lava lamp, and a lounge-style atmosphere that sets the mood for the event. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Beyond the Wake-N-Bake series, Marcell’s band Sunny Disposition is has new music in the works, as well as a couple shows on the horizon.

“[Bandmates] Josh and Simon had actually been playing together for well over a decade before I joined the band,” Marcell said. “But it’s been a natural fit. We’re an indie reggae pop punk band, and the name Sunny Disposition. that Simon came up with suits the vibe.”

A woman singing and playing bass

Sunny Marcell (of Sunny Disposition) has been hosting the Wake-N-Bake Brunch at Six Springs Tavern since June. Photo: Jessica Waffles

“We just finished recording our first live album at my house, produced by my fiance John Kulmacz,” Marcell said. “It’s going to have seven, maybe eight songs. We’re hoping for it to be ready to stream in the Fall.”

The band is also working on more new music, shopping around for a studio to record – perhaps at Cloudland in Fort Worth with producer Joe Tacke.

“We have some new songs with very positive messages,” Marcell said. “Like one of Josh’s songs, ‘Bring Us Together.’ Its a feel-good song, kind of a world peace song. You listen to it and think, ‘Yeah, I could be nicer this week; I could do something nice for someone.'”

A TV with a man playing guitar and singing

Cameras set up in front of the musicians stream live to the TVs at Six Springs Tavern, while the sound goes through the house speakers. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Sunny Disposition will be playing this Saturday July 29 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios for the Girls Night Out weekend – featuring female-fronted bands for two nights of music.

The band will also be playing a free show at Twilite Lounge Fort Worth with the Troumatics on August 26.

A musician playing guitar and singing

Dillon Lee Cronan popped in to play a song about his daughter on the Wake-N-Bake program hosted by Sunny Disposition. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Sundays are also home to Hair of the Dog, the show that takes place at Six Springs after the Wake-N-Bake show. The series is hosted by Jacob and Alice Zazz, which also includes a song swap and interview with artists in the folk, bluegrass and Americana sectors.

A man playing guitar

This week’s guest for the Wake-N-Bake Brunch was Terry Wayne Conder. Photo: Jessica Waffles

The Six Springs Tavern’s Sunday Brunch menu includes “The Brother Bill Special” (Mesquite smoked pulled pork and hatch green chili hash with eggs), “Hangover Helper” (Angus beef burger with cheddar cheese and a sunny side up egg) and “Biscuits and Wavy Gravy Breakfast” (buttermilk buscuits with red eye sausage gravy, two egs and hash browns).

Upcoming Wake-N-Bake Brunch lineup:

  • August 6: Stephen Troum (The Troumatics)
  • August 13: Richard Keller (Itchie Ritchie and the Burnin Sensations)
  • August 23: TBA
  • August 30: Meia Borden
Two people sitting on a couch talking into microphones

Wake-N-Bake Brunch host Sunny Disposition interviews her special guests in-between song swapping. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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