First look: Ladylove Lounge & Sound fuses music with vintage vibes in Bishop Arts

A DJ spinning vinyl

Co-owner Kate Siamro on the vinyl decks at new hot spot Ladylove Lounge & Sound. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Opening its doors with a bang, Ladylove Lounge & Sound has quickly become a hot spot in Dallas’ Bishop Arts district. Co-owned by Kate Siamro and David Grover, who also owns Spinster Records, Ladylove Lounge & Sound stands out as a unique establishment that combines music, empowering vibes, and a touch of vintage charm.

Finding the perfect name wasn’t an easy task for Siamro and Grover. After a month-long search, they settled on “Ladylove.” The name was inspired by Lou Rawls’ song “Lady Love” and the desire to reclaim and embrace terms that were historically used negatively against women.

A neon sign that says Ladylove

Ladylove Lounge & Sound’s personalized neon sign. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A crowd underneath a disco ball

A shot on the dance floor from opening night July 7. Photo: Shelby Eligoyo

“It’s funny,” Siamro says,” “‘Spinster’ is a woman who never gets married or has children; and one of the meanings for ‘lady love’ is the woman who’s your mistress. At both places, we focus on women empowerment. I want femme energy to feel comfortable and safe here. I want the energy of femininity to be preserved in the space.”

Ladylove Lounge & Sound is a music lover’s haven, brought to life by Siamro and Grover’s shared passion. Their inspiration can be traced back to Japan, where the concept of a record lounge is deeply ingrained. The lounge pays homage to music from the ’60s to the ’80s, but they didn’t want to be limited to a single genre or era.

A lounge and bar

Capacity is just under 100 people in the intimate space. Photo: Jessica Waffles

The space is thoughtfully designed, with vintage aesthetics, disco balls, and a collection of women adorning the walls. The goal is to create an inclusive atmosphere that resonates with visitors on a deep level, regardless of their musical preferences.

While decorating the space, Siamro said, “We didn’t want to make it too decade-focused. The bar is a blend of a lot of things inspired by genres. I wanted as many women on the walls, with representation of all types of women.”

Two women sitting at a table smiling

Two lovely ladies under the Ladylove sign sitting at the best table in the venue. Photo: Jessica Waffles

As for how opening week has gone, “It’s been wild,” Siamro laughed. “Every night there’s been a line except two nights, which has been a relief. I want it to be chill and lounge-y. We are a small space, so we can’t get everyone in immediately, but it’s been flowing nicely.”

The grand opening on July 7 featured DJ Sober, bringing high-energy dance anthems that brought the new space to life. (See an Instagram post at the bottom of this page featuring a short video from opening night.)

A DJ on vinyle decks

Gabe Mendoza on the decks at Ladylove lounge & Sound. Photo: Jessica Waffles

“There have been people literally visiting Dallas for business and pop in,” Siamro said. “Like someone from New York checking out the spot after reading about it online. The Instagram went from 300 [followers] to like 5,000 in a week. We’re on the Dallas radar, but outside of it too.”

Siamro noticed the people spreading the word about Ladylove came from all walks of life. The Instagram “just started popping off,” she said. “All the people tagging the spot were from all ages; a range of people. Folks in their 50s, audiophile nerds; I resonate with that crowd. All the way to young influencers – really beautiful people – coming dressed up in disco attire. We’ve been really humbled and overwhelmed with joy by how many people have come out or have been curious about the spot. We feel welcomed in the community.”

A wide shot of a bar and lounge

The raised space in the center of the room under the neon sign will serve as a small stage for curated live music nights. Photo: Jessica Waffles

So, what sets Ladylove apart from other places in Dallas? According to Siamro, it’s their unwavering focus on music, the quality of their craft cocktails, and the availability of late-night food. The lounge prides itself on providing an unparalleled music experience, thanks to a meticulously tuned room and an impressive sound system that leaves DJs and guests in awe.

The playful cocktail menu is curated by mixologist and bar manager Heather Poile, featuring unique drinks like the tequila drink “Sad Girl R&B,” bourbon drink “Leather Daddy” and brandy drink “Side Piece.”

The line outside Ladylove Lounge & Sound as attendance started to heat up around 8:30pm. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A shelf with vinyl records and trinkets

The vintage display next to the DJ booth. Photo: Jessica Waffles

The food program is devised by Jimmy Contreras, featuring dishes that include caviar, sliders and more – served until 11:00pm. Siamro even plans to introduce a hot dog cart in the front, adding an extra element of fun and experimentation to the overall experience.

“There’s no outside investors, no big money man,” Siamro said. “We’re just four local people with different expertise in the space running it. I’ve been calling us a table; I feel like we have four solid legs, and it’s all different things. We’re a powerful team.”

A server waiting on a table

The Ladylove Lounge & Sound staff are friendly and kind. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Ladylove Lounge & Sound has a rousing lineup of upcoming events, including DJ Ursa Minor this Friday July 21, and the first live music set at Ladylove with Kirk Thurmond on Saturday July 22.

“We’re changing the way we want to do live shows,” Siamro says. “Most live shows follow the ‘band – band – band’ show style. We wanted to see how we can accentuate the experience. So we will hyper-focus on one band – people who we really enjoy their sound and that suits the bar. Then we’ll have a DJ before and after the live act, playing the style and matching the vibe.”

A small speaker

Another unique element at Ladylove is that the music comes through high-quality speakers even in the bathroom. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A bar and lounge

While decorating the space, Kate Siamro says, “We didn’t want to make it too decade-focused. The bar is a blend of a lot of things inspired by genres. I wanted as many women on the walls, with representation of all types of women.” Photo: Jessica Waffles

Every Thursday will feature Cumbia, Tropicália, Bossa Nova, and “everything in the Latin range of genres,” Siamro said.

Another highlight of the calendar will be every second Saturday with DJ Sober, where he may also bring in surprise guests from places like New York, Miami or LA.

Find more information for upcoming events on the Ladylove Lounge & Sound website.


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