PREMIERE: Fort Worth artist Denver Williams drops killer new “Key Lime Pie” music video

Just in time for the season of love, Denver Williams & the Gas Money are releasing a new music video for their song, “Key Lime Pie.”

Produced by Coffee Pot Films, the visual narrative depicts Williams and his bandmates held hostage by a love-struck obsessed woman (played by Rachel Napolitano) keen on poisoning her captured prisoners with homemade key lime pie.

A man sitting holing a piece of key lime pie on a serving plate

Denver Williams on set for the “Key Lime Pie” music video shoot. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Two men dressed in pajamas sitting on chairs tied up with rope

Denver Williams & the Gas Money band members BK Lovell (left) and Peter Wierenga (right) tied up on the “Key Lime Pie” music video shoot. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Williams starts the story bright-eyed, while his companions are visibly distressed and tied up in the same room with him. Over time, our hero’s appearance diminishes – as the effects of the poison pie take hold.

“I called Ian [McKenyon] because of how well they did my last video [“Any Other Name“], and ended up brainstorming some ideas with him and the Coffee Pot team,” Williams said. “Since they had just done a mystery murder short film, horror came into mind. I think it was Greg [Gadberry] who brought the captured element to it. They told me they wanted to do something Misery-inspired.”

The tune itself is catchy and upbeat, and is arguably one of the band’s most danceable songs.

Two men in front of a director's monitor with a woman on screen holing a knife

The “Key Lime Pie” music video was co-directed by Coffee Pot Film members Greg Gadberry (left) and Ian McKenyon (right). Photo: Jessica Waffles

Three men in pajamas in a foyer

The band getting ready for their escape scene. Photo: Jessica Waffles

“It’s about chasing around a girl with a Southern accent,” Williams laughs. “That’s about as much as I’m willing to divulge.”

The single comes ahead of the release of his next EP Sing Along, expected to drop May 12. Another single from the EP called “Radio Is On” is set to release on March 24, and is a call back to Williams’ previous band Chillamundo – whose first EP carries the same name. The single will also include a music video produced by Williams’ brand Slab Factory.

“I’ve had the lyric ‘radio is on’ in several songs throughout different records,” Williams says. “There are some things I like to repeat to keep continuity in my releases.”

A man with zombie-esc makeup on his face frowning

Denver Williams suffered some decomposition throughout the music video’s storyline. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A man in blue pajamas tied up on a chair and smiling

BK Lovell getting ready to show off his ability to untie the knots of a maniac. Photo: Jessica Waffles

The 5-song EP Sing Along will include Burton Lee (steel guitar), Dylan Ewen (synth), Samantha Knight (vocals), Zach Mayo (guitar), alongside the Gas Money bandmates Peter Wierenga (drums/production), BK Lovell (bass) and Austin Lee Kroll (guitar).

Catch the full band experience at the “Key Lime Pie” single release free shows this weekend: Friday February 17 at Twilite Lounge Fort Worth and Saturday February 18 at Sunshine Bar in Arlington. Austin-based band KNETX will be a supporting act for both nights, and new Fort Worth band Waking Snakes will perform at the latter.

The single officially drops everywhere this Friday. Pre-save the single here.

A woman and man istting on a porch swing, the man is playing guitar and singing to the woman

Rachel Napolitano (left) plays the love-struck obsessed woman keen on poisoning Denver Williams (right) with her homemade key lime pie. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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