BYO Musicians Network unites music hobbyists at Six Springs Tavern

A full band on stage

The Old Rascals playing at Six Springs Tavern for the BYO All Hands Jam. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Have you ever wanted to play in a band, but you’re not a professional musician? Do you have an affinity for music and know how to sing or play an instrument? Well, you might just be able to live your dream of performing with BYO Musicians Network.

The BYO Musicians Network is a 501(c)(3) organization seeking to bring together business professionals who are also talented musicians. Their mission stands on three ideals: making music, doing business, and giving back.

A full band on stage

Frank’s All Stars was one of the seven groups that played at Six Springs Tavern. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Former BYO President / current board member Stan Bradshaw shed a light on how this organization operates, and how it serves the DFW community.

There are currently about 120 members in the network, comprising of working or retired members of the professional business world.

“Our members include lawyers, engineers, accountants – everyday jobs,” Bradshaw said. “We have people here who work all day at a job and also want to perform.”

A marquee sign

BYO Musicians Network is a nonprofit with about 120 members. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Since 2011, BYO has been hosting jams, performing for charity events, and giving hobby artists a place to learn music together.

“For our jam nights like tonight, any member can sign up for a 30-minute slot and play four to six songs,” Bradshaw said. “They can propose their set list to other members to play with them. Everyone gets a chance to learn new music.”

Bradshaw highlights that it can be almost impossible to meet people who want to play music together in mid to late life. This network supplies a pool of people that want to perform a chance to meet.

A bassist and guitarist on stage

Rawk Train group members Don Lee (left) and Joe Wood (right) playing at Six Springs Tavern. Photo: Jessica Waffles

“It’s funny – some people I may have met in a business meeting outside of this, and I would have never know if they play bass,” Bradshaw laughs. “People just want to go have some fun, and we make it easy to happen.”

Members pay $200 per year as membership dues, which pay for hiring sound techs, stage equipment and occasionally venue rentals for their events.

A large room with a full band on stage

Six Springs Tavern has some new upgrades inside, including a large sound booth, live cameras and TVs that project the performance. Photo: Jessica Waffles

The organization also donates their music performances to nonprofit causes. Pre-COVID, BYO provided music on Saturday mornings at local nursing homes for residents.

Last year at the Kessler Theater, BYO Musicians hosted an event called Holiday Rocks that raised money for the Music Meets Medicine charity – which raises money to buy instruments and instruction for children with long-term illnesses. The event raised around $25,000.

A sound engineer looking at several screens with camera snagles

Six Springs Tavern does a live stream of select performances at heir venue. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Six Springs Tavern (located in Richardson) is a regular venue for their BYO All Hands Jam. The venue has undergone some changes recently, which includes a larger sound booth and several cameras that stream live video to their new televisions.

Narrowly avoiding closure due to COVID, Six Springs recently signed a five year lease – meaning that owners Brad and Keri Springs are looking for creative ways to expand and enrich their business.

A group of people dancing

The bands had people dancing during the BYO All Hands Jam. Photo: Jessica Waffles

The venue is planning to launch a new venture called WellspringTV this year, which will feature live music, music videos, and eventually independent films and comedy.

“Think of it like old school MTV, or public access television. We will produce shows, and also accept submissions from artists,” Brad Springs said. “We’re already recording shows for WellspringTV now. We’re looking to launch it on March 20, the first day of Spring.”

The pilot episode of their series Sons & Daughters of Texas Music is set to record this Friday at Six Springs. It will feature performance and an interview with Coby Wier, son of Austin, Texas musician Rusty Wier. After launch, streaming will be available at

A guitarist on stage

Don Lee shredding on stage at Six Springs Tavern. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Upcoming shows are Six Springs Tavern include a Valentine’s Drag Brunch, Jeremy Gravely, The Human Circuit with Learning Names and Sunny Disposition, and Justin Pickard, as well as another BYO Musicians Network event and more.

Check out their full calendar on the Six Springs Tavern website.

A full band on stage

The Old Rascals played classics like “Lonely Too Long,” “Mustang Sally” and “Groovin’.” Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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