Artist Profile: Erik Gomez

Introducing “Music Lover’s Paradise” by Erik Gomez

Get this design before it’s gone!

For years KXT has featured the work of a local artist on t-shirts, pint glasses and mugs during our membership campaigns. This year, we’re excited to introduce a new design by Erik Gomez! This design is featured on exclusive KXT swag during our 2022 Fall Member Campaign.

Here is what Erik shared with us regarding his inspiration:

“I’m known for my bold digital illustrations that center around Latine culture. For the KXT Fall Drive design I pulled inspiration from Day of the Dead Calaveras and the Station’s 13th Anniversary theme: Music Lover’s Paradise.”



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About Erik Gomez :

Erik Gomez is a Mexican born, Texas raised illustrator and designer currently based in Fort Worth. I love art, indie rock, and the outdoors!

You can find more about of their work on their Instagram page: @GalleriaDeGomez