Artist Profile: S.M. SANZ

Introducing “Connect with KXT” by S.M. Sanz

Get this design before it’s gone!

For years KXT has featured the work of a local artist on t-shirts, pint glasses and mugs during our membership campaigns. This year, we’re excited to introduce a new design by S.M. Sanz! This design is featured on exclusive KXT swag during our 2022 Spring Member Campaign.

The artwork created for KXT is represented by the enjoyment and connection we experience when listening to it on the radio. How we become immersed in the music to a level where it seems we are in the room where it’s played and can carry it with us everywhere. Displaying a vintage touch of a portable radio and based the design on that. Since KXT is in Dallas, little motifs related to the region, such as the cowboy hat and boots and the ornate blanket, are in the artwork as well


About S.M. Sanz

S.M. Sanz is an illustrator and muralist based in Dallas, Texas. The main theme in her work is that of feminine allure and empowerment, expressed through portraits of strong women. She has over ten years of experience as a visual artist. She paints mainly with acrylics, ink and spray paint on different surfaces. Sanz has completed several mural projects in the US, Panamá, México and Colombia. As an avid listener to KXT, Sanz was the perfect artist to embody our station in our new Thank You gifts for our Spring campaign!

Follow her on Instagram: @sm.sanz 

Or check out her work online at

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