New New Festival catches international artists in Dallas on their way to SXSW

A 5-piece band playon stage

Minor Moon from Chicago play at New New Festival. Photo: Jessica Waffles

There’s still time to check out New New Festival.   The celebration of new music, showcasing over 30 bands in 8 shows at venues around Dallas and Fort Worth, continues through the weekend. Some of the bands are stopping in town on their way to or from South by Southwest.

Started by festival producer Harley Jennette, this series came together as more venues jumped on board to host artists coming into town from all over the world – giving Jennette a chance to create music lineups that include bands from Norway, Spain, Japan, Canada, Germany and the UK.

“I’ve always wanted to do a mini SXSW,” Jennette said. “You’re not really coming to see a headliner. We want people to come and discover new bands. Keep it super cool and focus on the acts that need attention.”

I caught the 3rd show in the series on March 13, hosted at Desert Racer. Artists included Lunar Vacation, Half Gringa, Hollyy, Minor Moon, Dead Billionaires, Chihiro Yamazaki & Route14Band, Vudu Childe and Caroline Taylor.

Upcoming events for the New New Festival:

Wednesday, March 16 @ The Foundry 7-10pm

  • Nordista Freeze (indie pop/rock from Nashville)
  • NewDad(pop, singer-songwriter from Dallas)

Friday, March 18 @ Manhattan Project Beer Co 7-10pm

  • Pynkie (dream pop from New Jersey)
  • Vodka Gentle (indie/experimental folk/rock from London)

Saturday, March19 @ The Foundry 11am-10pm

  • Taylor Teachout (singer-songwriter from DFW)
  • Glitter (pop/rock/singer-songwriter from Dallas)
  • Sophia Anello (pop/indie/singer-songwriter from Dallas)
  • Story Slaughter (pop, singer-songwriter fromLos Angeles/Dallas)
  • Laura Tee & The Jettes (rock & roll from Berlin)
  • Alex O’Aiza (indie pop/rock from Dallas)
  • Neighbor Lady (indie rock/americana from Georgia)
  • Fieh (neo-soul from Oslo, Norway)
  • Kainalu (psychedelic funk from Madison, WI)
  • Night Moves (indie rock/americana from Minneapolis.)

Sunday, March 20 @ Firehouse Gastro Park 12pm-9pm

  • Gabriella Stella (pop, singer-songwriter from DFW)
  • Reverend Grey (indie folk/singer-songwriter from Dallas)
  • New Avenues (shoegaze from Dallas)
  • LYSS (indie pop from Dallas)
  • Boods (indiepop from New York City)
  • Yes Ma’am Band (rock/indie from Dallas)
  • Liam Kazar (indie rock from Chicago)
  • Belako (post punk.rock from Mungia, Spain)
  • Ceramic Animal (indie rock/psych rock from Philadelphia)

To learn more about the festival and time slots for these event, visit this website.


A man and woman stand together

New New Festival producer Harley Jennette and event coordinator Claire Bruce at Desert Racer. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Agirlplaysguitarand boy playsbass

Lunar Vacation at New New Festival March 13, 2022. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Young people sitting in a crowd

Lunar Vacation fans in the crowd sang along with many of their songs. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Bar front that says "desert racer"

Desert Racer hosted day 3 of the New New Festival from noon to 8:30pm March 13. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A band plays for a crowd

Lunar Vacation from Atlanta closed out the New New Festival on March 13. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A small sign that says New New Festival

This is the New New Festival’s first year in production. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A vendor booth

There were a few vendors, including Art by the Andes. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A small setting with figurine alpacas

Many of the clothing pieces at Art by the Andes are made of alpaca wool ,which is very soft. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A small fingurine set with a colorfulmask maker

A small handmade scene of a mask maker at the Art by the Andes booth at NewNew Festival. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Full band shot while playing

Lunar Vacation will play at Mohawk Indoor and Cheer Up Charlie’s while at SXSW. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Outdoor patio with people sitting watching the stage

The outdoor area of Desert Racer was perfect for the music-filled evening. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A band plays to a crowd

Minor Moon at New New Festival 2022. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A vendor booth

Glitzy Jade by Sara was a vendor at New New Festival. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A girl poses

New New Festival event coordinator Claire Bruce. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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