Jorden Makelle’s debut single “Dark Side” comes with haunting music video

Jorden Makelle‘s mellifluous debut single “Dark Side” comes with a haunting music video shot by her very own husband of 10 years, Greg.

The video features Makelle in black & white, heavy with the breaking heart of a romance on the rocks – inspired by the very real struggle of depression and anxiety amplified by the COVID-19 epidemic.

“The song was about really stepping back and seeing how those issues make you view your own relationship; if it’s going good or bad, and how easy it is to overanalyze certain things,” Makelle said. “It’s about recognizing that it’s a relationship worth fighting for, and worth sticking out, even when times get really difficult.”

The music video was completely produced by Makelle and her husband, which might be surprising considering the subject matter of the song.

“We have worked together creatively a lot,” Makelle said.

Makelle wrote the song at the beginning of 2021, and started recording it that Spring. Cello on the track is recorded by Monk, based in Los Angeles, and is mixed / mastered by Kevin Brennan, based in Dublin, Ireland.

Listeners have been connecting with the song since its drop on February 25, commenting on the YouTube video things like, “This is exactly how I feel right now in my relationship and couldn’t put it into words,” [Karla Torres], and “This song is a great example of a song that’s not in my go-to genre but is one that is so warm and nice to listen to either way – I’ll definitely listen to it on repeat for a while.” [Igor Schmidt]

The song will be followed by two more singles in the coming months, and an EP by the end of the year. Keep up to date with her releases on her Instagram Page.

A young woman stands in front of a lake in a dark green dress

Jorden Makelle’s music video for her debut single “Dark Side” has reached over 7,000 plays on YouTube and over 3,000 plays on Spotify. Photo: Jorden Makelle

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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