Henry the Archer’s triumphant return to Texas

A man with guitar on stage with full mohawk

Richard Hennessy’s energetic flair comes through during the Henry the Archer set at Main At South Side, February 19, 2022. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Fort Worth band Henry the Archer made their triumphant return to the stage last Saturday night at Main At South Side, breaking their over 2 year-long absence from public shows. The last gig they played was New Years Eve going from 2019 into 2020 at Division Brewing in Arlington. The band had been planning on fewer shows while recording in early 2020. Little did they know COVID was right around the corner.

As the pandemic shut down the world, band leader Richard Hennessy moved to Denver, CO to be closer to his daughters. Last weekend’s  show was a kind of homecoming, a blessing for fans and the band alike.  The fans are fiercely supportive of HTA, and the room was bursting with love all night.

“We’ve missed you so much!” a fan yelled from the side of the stage between songs, inciting more fans to yell the same. “Never leave again!”

Though it’s been a tough time for live music, the band remains creating through writing and recording new songs. There’s 5 unreleased songs they’re working on, including “The Garden,” which will be the first Henry the Archer ukulele song, and will likely be released as the first single from the set of tracks. The song made it’s public debut at the show.

Taylor Young Band opened the show and Cut Throat Finches took the middle spot. You may know Young from his previous project The O’s; he played and wrote songs with John Pedigo for 10 years. As excitement increased, the Cut Throat Finches had the room jumping, with their rowdy rock n roll style. Their liveliness set the stage perfectly for Henry the Archer to close out the night.

It was easy to see the warmth in Henry the Archer’s hearts as they took the stage, eager to play some favorite and new songs alike. “There’s nothing better than playing something that’s fun to play,” Hennessy said. “I’m glad we got to share the moment with our fans.”

As for upcoming shows, Hennessy says, “We’re not booking anything until the music is ready to be released,” which will hopefully be by this summer. Fingers crossed.

A 4-piece band plays on stage

It’s been over 2 years since Henry the Archer has played a public show, and fans were teeming with excitement. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A wide crowd shot of audience at a rock show

A full crowd rocked the floor as Cut Throat Finches played at Main At South Side, February 19, 2022. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Photo of a drummer from the front

Kevin Geist from Henry the Archer returns to the stage, holding down the beat tight as ever. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Fan holds sign in crowd

Henry the Archer fan Gin Mendiola holds up a sign “Don’t Be Richard,” which she bought specifically for the show. Photo: Jessica Waffles

“Last weekend was special. It meant a lot to see good friends after so long,” Richard Hennessy said. Photo: Jessica Waffles

5-piece band playing on stage

Cut Throat Finches performed with Taylor Tatsch on guitar, Draya Ruse on drums, Sean Russell on vocals/guitar, Robert Paine on bass, and Eric Webb on keys. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A man plays bass on stage

Charles Marchbanks in the glow of Main At South Side with playing as part of Henry the Archer on February 19, 2022. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Two men play guitars on stage

Taylor Young Band opened up the show, with Taylor Young on vocals/guitar (right), Michael SMith on guitar (left), Toby Pipes on bass, and Austin Green on drums. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A gaggle of photographers at the front of a stage

The front of the stage was full of local music photographers all night, including John Erwin, Johnny Govea, Robert Chickering, Velton Hayworth, and Dustin Schneider. You could say I was in good company. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A man plays guitar with his tongue out on stage

Henry the Archer’s stage presence is freight train of energy, with Richard Hennessy’s powerhouse vocals leading the way. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A man plays drums on stage

Kevin Geist stay focused throughout the show, and is always one of the most professional people in the room. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A man plays guitar and sings on stage

Sean Russell of the Cut Throat Finches puts on a killer show, with boisterous stage presence from beginning to end. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A man stands on stage holding a trombone

Tom Urquhart plays trombone in Henry the Archer, seen here soaking in the moment while on stage. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Two man play bass and guitar on stage

Charles Marchbanks and Richard Hennessy play on stage at MASS. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A man plays guitar and sings on stage

Taylor Young performs on stage at MASS. Photo: Jessica Waffles

2 men play guitar and drums on stage

Richard Hennessy and Kevin Geist perform at MASS. Photo: Jessica Waffles

A young man plays bass on stage

Charles Marchbanks performs at MASS. Photo: Jessica Waffles

Jessica Waffles is a freelance photographer/videographer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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