Ariel + The Culture kicks off 2022 with new single “Tu Y Yo”

Performer Jason Bobadilla (aka Ariel + The Culture) stands next to a tall palm tree, looking down

Ariel + The Culture (aka Jason “Ariel” Bobadilla) Photo: Clarissa Medrano

There’s a breeziness to Ariel + The Culture‘s irresistible new single, “Tú Y Yo,” belying the ferocious drive behind it.

Its creator, the Dallas-based Jason “Ariel” Bobadilla, describes the song as a “city pop track … best listened to on the weekend, driving through the city, with the windows down.” It’s a stylish, bilingual slice of disco-infused melody, buoyed by Bobadilla’s mellifluous tenor voice.

“I write my songs with emotions and situations in mind, but it’s up to the listeners on what they take from it,” Bobadilla said via email. “I’ve had fans tell me that they’ve cried and fans tell me that they fell in the love while listening to the same song — I think that’s beautiful.”

Arriving January 27 across all streaming platforms, the supple “Tú Y Yo” also capitalizes on the enormous momentum Bobadilla has generated in the wake of releasing his 2020 single “Dame Tu Amor,” as well as touring in 2021 as a supporting act for Boy Pablo, Sofia Valdes, A-Wall and Luna Luna, among others.

“When I went on tour with A-Wall and Boy Pablo this past November, my mind opened up more than I ever thought it could,” Bobadilla said via email. “After seeing the audience reaction to ‘Dame Tu Amor,’ I realized that I could never allow myself to take a step back in my career ever again. Being a child of immigrants drives everything I make. I have generations of family members that never had the opportunity that I do — I cannot afford to make average music.”

To that end, Bobadilla strives to bring a different energy to his live performances: “I don’t ever want the audience to come to a show and hear the same rendition as the record,” he said via email, citing Freddie Mercury, Boy Pablo, Gabriel Garzon-Montano and Tyler, the Creator as inspirations.

“Tú Y Yo” won’t be the last you hear from Ariel + The Culture in 2022 — and beyond. Bobadilla has his sights set on playing A-list festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza and Tropicalia. “I won’t stop until I check them off the list,” he said. He also outlines additional singles on the way, along with a debut EP and planned live performances later this year.

“I want my music to be a step ahead of anything that is being created, and to be able to be enjoyed when I’m 50 years old,” Bobadilla said via email. “I … want people to know that I don’t come from a family of artists or music executives. Every little bit of support I get means the world to me. Chase your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.”

Preston Jones is a freelance writer and regular contributor to KXT. 

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