Artist Profile: Dowdy Studio


Introducing the Rare Precious Magical Unicorn Design By Dowdy Studio


Get this design before it is gone.

For years KXT has featured the work of a local artist on t-shirts, pint glasses and mugs during our membership campaigns. This year, we’re excited to introduce a new design from Dylan and Pamela Dowdy of Dowdy Studio! This design will be featured on exclusive KXT swag during our 2021 Spring Membership Campaign.


About Dowdy Studio

Dowdy Studio is a quirky-fun artisan gift shop in East Dallas. The creators behind it, Dylan and Pamela Dowdy are two artists who never take anything too seriously. At Dowdy Studio you can find their optimistically weird illustrations on tees, pillows, wall art, earrings, pins, hats, drinkware and more! Dowdy Studio is the ever-evolving small biz gem of Dallas and something to visit and tell all your friends about.

See more about them here.