Artist Profile: Brian Forosisky

Introducing the RV Road Trip Design By Brian Forosisky

Get this design before it is gone.


For years KXT has featured the work of a local artist on t-shirts, pint glasses and mugs during our membership campaigns. This year, we’re excited to once again introduce a new design from Brian Forosisky! His RV design will be featured on exclusive KXT swag during our 2019 Spring Membership Campaign.


About Brian

Brian Forosisky is a graphic designer and maker of things who has spent 32 years livin’ it up and down North Texas, from Denton to Fort Worth to Mesquite. He says hi. Check out his previous design for KXT here.


About “RV Road Trip”

Here’s what Brian has to say about his design:

“It’s springtime! What’s that mean? Road trip season! No better way to road trip than in an RV, and no better companion on a road trip than KXT. Take those sweet local jams with you as far as the signal allows.”



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