This Week On World Cafe: December 3-7

Here’s what’s coming up this week on World Cafe :

Monday, December 3 – Encore: Wayne Kramer

Wayne Kramer has seen it all – riots, drug deals gone bad, the inside of a prison cell, and even how dramatically a person’s fortune can change. On this encore edition of the World Cafe, Kramer talks about his autobiography, The Hard Stuff that chronicles his life, including the influential rock band he co-founded, The MC5.

Tuesday, December 4 – Anna St. Louis

Like your best pair of cozy socks and a hot toddy, Anna St. Louis has a voice that will warm you right up. On this episode of World Cafe, Anna talks about being inspired by Willie Nelson, Mazzy Star and Neil Young, and performs music from her album produced by Kevin Morby, If Only There Was a River.

Wednesday, December 5 – Hozier

Hozier took a stand against homophobia with his dramatically beautiful 2013 hit “Take Me to Church”.  Now, on the title track to his latest EP Nina Cried Power, he pays tribute to those who try to create change with the help of Mavis Staples. Take a listen as the singer talks about working with Staples, what he learned with his early success and performs live.

Thursday, December 6 – Doe Paoro

“Soft power” is the act of using coercion rather than force to change things. On Doe Paoro’s new record of the same name, she uses the concept to address the changes she wanted to make in her life. She also talks about being a yogi, and the art of silent meditation. Listen to her live performance and interview on this episode of World Cafe.

Friday, December 7 – Glorietta

What happens when a bunch of brilliant songwriters, rent a house in New Mexico (with liberal amounts of tequila), and have just one week to record an album? Glorietta’s self titled debut is what follows. Listen to this episode to hear them play songs from the album, as well as one from their follow up EP, Mas Glorietta.


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