The KXT Local Show — August 16, 2018

Thursday, August 16, 2018
Highlights from the show:

Maya Piata  – “Same Way”


Vincent Neil Emerson – “Willie’s Wall”


Gorden – “Paper Trees”

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Paper Trees


Here’s the full playlist from this week’s show:

Oscar DeLaughter – “You Don’t Know”

Reinventing Jude – “Seats to the Sky”

Vincent Neil Emerson – “Willie’s Wall”

The Trees – “Up All Night”

Maya Piata – “Same Way”

Leon Bridges – “Ball of Confusion”

Gawd Almighty – “Easy On The Rock n Roll”

The Hope Trust – “Campaign Button”

Emma Walsh – “Love Of Mine”

Slobberbone – “Meltdown”

Gorden – “Paper Trees”

Siberian Traps – “Lights Keep Blinking”

Madison King – “Homewrecker”

Paul Cauthen – “Resignation”

Polyphonice Spree – “You Don’t Know Me”



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