WATCH: Mellow Fellow’s Take on a Czech Film for “Best Friend”

Mellow Fellow – “Best Friend”


As I write this, the temperature in Dallas is two degrees higher than in Manila, Philippines, which is handy since that’s where we’re headed for today’s video. We are going to surf on a psychedelic wave of reverb and video with Mellow Fellow and his song, “Best Friend.”

Ralph Lawrence “Polo” Reyes had been rather mysterious – until recently. He managed to sneak out three records and create substantial buzz both at home and abroad without ever revealing what he looked like. I think the disembodied sad sunset tones of Polo’s voice go great with the jazzy- dreamy-pop vibes. The internet age spawned a new generation of musicians who have genuine talent with genuine feelings, but are unrestricted by major labels and from being forced to tour to be relevant. Polo, like many of his peers, are content being labeled “internet artists” as long as they can be free to share their feelings with as much reverb as they choose.

The video is a re-cut of a 1987 Czech film, Discopribeh, based on the life of the character Jirka Horácek and the misadventures of youth. In classic Mellow Fellow fashion, there is no sight of our lonely singer.

Kick back and try this tasty tune for size.