WATCH: Rex Orange County’s Claymation Video for Catchy “Loving Is Easy”

Rex Orange County (ft. Benny Sings) — “Loving Is Easy”


*Please note the above video contains language that may not be suitable for all audiences.

This week we are mixing mellow, Los Angeles R&B vibes with a bit of lighthearted claymation with a tune from UK singer, Rex Orange County. We debuted this track on New Music Monday this week and I thought their video was playful and fun — so here we are.

Personally, I get some electric piano vibes via late 90’s J-pop, with a simple R&B back beat that lets Rex’s lyrics and singing shine through. I like this simple claymation video, too. For me, it’s like a visual mix between Gumby & Moral Orel on top of some velvety smooth — and catchy — vocals. Simple, fun, unique.

Try it on for size.

— Dave