WATCH: Japanese Breakfast Takes Us To Space Prom in “Boyish”

Japanese Breakfast — “Boyish”


This week we are taking a trip back to high school with Japanese Breakfast. JB is the solo project of Michelle Zauner, who previously fronted the Philly emo band Little Big League before heading back to the Pacific Northwest following her mother’s cancer diagnosis in 2014.

This video starts off with a cute balloon intro reminiscent of Wes Anderson in its simple solitude. We ease into the purple and blue saturated high school auditorium during prom. While certainly not “prom music,” the soaring strings and slow tempo evoke the youthful longing of young love. I might be wrong, but to me the rhythm section is also channeling some Motown vibes, too. This video, directed by Michelle, is a dreamy look into the artist’s light-drenched, reverb-filled space prom. I wish high school had been that cool for me — I was just a dork who wore a baret. For real.

Try it on for size.
<3 dave.