This Week on World Cafe: April 16-20

Here’s what’s coming up this week on World Cafe:

Monday, April 16th – Field Report

On the new Field Report album, Summertime Songs, leader Chris Portfield moves away from the darker, wintry sound of his first two records. He discusses why he considered never releasing the new disc with World Cafe this week, and shares a funny story about why he thinks it better if he doesn’t cover other people’s songs.


Tuesday, April 17th – Squirrel Nut Zippers

The Squirrel Nut Zippers are back with Beasts of Burgundy, their first new album of original songs in 18 years. At the helm is original member, Jimbo Mathus. He’s put together a revival that features a new cast of characters like Dr. Sick who includes the saw among the instruments he plays during the band’s performance.


Wednesday, April 18th – Superorgansim

Superorganism are a large, new band with samples, dancers and an 18-year-old lead singer who collaborated across continents to help write the group’s self titled debut.  Tune in to hear them play live and talk about what it’s like to share a house together in London.


Thursday, April 19th – Erika Wennerstrom

For a decade, singer Erika Wennerstrom fronted the rock band Heartless Bastards. Now, she’s released her first solo album, Sweet Unknown. It was influenced by the thoughts and ideas she had after taking the psychedellic Ayahuasca (eye-uh-wah-ska) in the Amazon jungle. Tune in to hear Wennerstrom tell that story and perform with her band.


Friday, April 20th – NEEDLE DROP: Record Store Day

We can’t be trusted to wait until Saturday’s Record Store Day! So we’re unwrapping brand new vinyl exclusives a day early, including a live concert by The National in Brussels, Fleet Foxes recorded in London with a 24 piece Icelandic choir and a never-before released track by Phoenix. It’s an all-wax Record Store Day Eve celebration!


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