The KXT Local Show — April 6, 2018

Friday, April 6, 2018
A note from Amy:


My guest on The Local Show this week was Ife Akinkoye, owner and executive producer at NIW Music. Akinkoye composes and produces music for commercials and film, so it was great speaking with him about a side of the business many people don’t think about. He brought it a beautiful song from local jazz/R&B singer Ashleigh Smith called “Best Friends”:



Another highlight from this week’s show was “Tupelo” by Brave Little Howl. The band worked with producer/drummer McKenzie Smith on their new album, who you might know from the band Midlake, as well as his work with artists like St. Vincent and Sarah Jaffe:



There’s a new duo that recently signed with local label Idol Records called Secrecies and I can’t get their single “Hole In My Heart” out of my head. Check it out:


Here’s the full playlist from this week’s show:

Fishing in Japan – “Constantinople”
Silas Nello – “The Jester”
Lucky Peterson – “Pounding of My Heart”
Brave Little Howl – “Tupelo”
Samus David Jr. – “Tom Cruisin’”
Acid Carousel – “Higher Than The Beatles!”
Ashleigh Smith – “Best Friends”
Lou Charle$ – “Nothing Is Impossible”
Human Animal – “We Digest”
Secrecies – “Hole In My Heart”
Kinsley August – “Heart of Electricity”
The Bodarks – “Caroline”
Midnight Opera – “Older Hands Prevail”


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— Amy Miller