WATCH: Absofacto’s Energetic Video For “Endless Summer”

“Endless Summer” — Absofacto


The end of the holiday season and the beginning of a new year often make me feel old and pudgy. An odd way to begin a post about a music video, sure, but let me explain:

I’ve been a big fan of indie-pop champion Absofacto for a long time. “Endless Summer” made my Best of 2017 list, and I am eagerly awaiting what Absofacto, aka Jonathan Visger, has in store for 2018. The artist made the move from Michigan to California, and the increase in warmth and sunlight can certainly be heard in his music. I really dug this track when it came out, but the director, LABAN, did an amazing job visually capturing the energy and the harmless mischief of hanging with your friends during an “endless summer.” (See what I did there?) The video is California incarnate. Lush drone shots and three friends skating the day away and ending up at the beach — it’s a carefree video that, for me, invokes memories of both summers and friends past. It’s with that in mind that I chose this vibrant energy to help kick off the new year for this this old, pudgy-feeling radio host.

Try it on for size.

— Dave Emmert