WATCH: Steve Lacy’s Music Video for “RYD / DARK RED”

“RYD / DARK RED” — Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy is just one of those young artists that make it look too easy. From producing beats for Kendrick Lamar — often only using a smart phone — to being a member of the Grammy-nominated group “The Internet,” Steve has struck out on his own with a debut album swimming in reverb and the chilliest of West Coast-vibery. Clocking in at the ripe old age of 19, he is bringing digital DIY in an interesting direction. I feel that his sounds is a refreshing mix of King Krule and Andre 3000, in all the best ways. He classifies his iPhone-made music as a new genre called “Plaid” — a sound that is, apparently, uniquely his own.

I wanted to showcase this video because I think the sparse, yet specific, background gives it a Wes Anderson-esq visual aesthetic, while complementing Steve’s similarly sparse songs (featured in this video.)

Try it for size.