WATCH: Peach Pit’s Music Video for “Seventeen”

“Seventeen” — Peach Pit


Peach Pit is a foursome rock outfit bringing warm summer nostalgia from chilly Vancouver, BC. This video wasn’t picked for the plot or any spacey visuals. To be honest, I really love the simplicity of the lead singer just jamming out to his own song and dancing like a goof. If nothing else, I did the exact same thing when I first heard this infectious little tune. I was walking around the grocery store and found myself dancing in the soup isle like the uncoordinated 17-year-old I was — and as the uncoordinated adult I still am. It continued through a couple of replays until I realized I was being watched from afar by a couple people who decided to give the crazy grocery store guy a little space. A sheepish smile and a hasty retreat got out of there, but I thoroughly appreciate a song that I can get lost in and keep my toes a-tappin.

Their debut full length album, Being So Normal, came out in September and it’s a touch grittier than their first EP. The band is playing a couple shows in Canada and Europe, but sadly there are no plans for Peach Pit to thaw out down here in Texas just yet. Until then, we will eagerly watch from afar.

Try it on for size.