What’s New — Oct. 9, 2017

Monday, October 9, 2017
Highlights from this week’s show:


“Caught In My Eye” — Kevin Morby

Don’t know if you’ve had time to cozy up with Kevin Morby’s new album called City Music, but the fact is, it’s one of 2017’s most understated, elegant and engaging releases. It boasts Velvets-inspired jams, a title track that borders on a meditation and this ballsy, stripped-down cover of “Caught In My Eye.” It’s a punk classic from L.A.’s Germs, the band who once counted Belinda Carlisle as a member, and the band whose included contemporaries X, the Gun Club, Dream Syndicate and the Blasters. Morby’s prolific streak has also yielded his recent Girl Crazy covers series, and with his interpretation of “Caught In My Eye,” you can almost feel the ghost of Darby Crash smiling from the cosmos.


“Grinnin’ In Your Face” — Jade Bird

One artist you should have on your radar by now is the UK songstress Jade Bird, whose debut EP Something American spawned her breakout track “Cathedral” and now, this cover of Son House’s “Grinnin’ In Your Face.” She’ll be making her Dallas debut with Son Little, coming up November 1 at Club Dada, the perfect place to get in on the ground floor before she starts selling out the venues.

“How It Feels” — Ages and Ages

Right around the time Hurricane Harvey was hitting the Texas coast and Irma was waiting in the wings with her eye on the Caribbean and Florida, this Portland, Oregon 6-piece was holed up in the mountains, watching as a massive wildfire was engulfing the Columbia River Gorge. Rising up from the smoke and ash was the new one-off single from Ages and Ages. “How It Feels” is a certified soul-soother in this age of uncertainty, in this world where it sometimes feels like no one’s listening.


“Unaware” — Sparks

The genius of Sparks, aka Ron and Russell Mael, never ceases to amuse or amaze. The brothers have been making a joyful cacophony for forty-plus years now with gems like “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us,” “Angst In My Pants,” “Eaten By The Monster Of Love” and “I Predict,” So, having them back with Hippopotamus, their first album in nearly 10 years, feels like a cause for celebration. FFS, their 2015 John Congleton-produced collaboration with Franz Ferdinand, almost feels like the appetizer course for Hippopotamus, 15 sparkling new tracks that are sure to satisfy the band’s devoted fan base and win a whole new crop of listeners who are only now discovering what they’ve been missing.

Full Playlist

Steve Lacy – “Dark Red”

Tomkat – “Teardrops”

Sparks – “Unaware”

Langhorne Slim – “Zombie”

Jesse Malin – “Meet Me At The End Of The World”

J.D. McPherson – “Hunting For Sugar”

Jessica Lea Mayfield – “Sorry Is Gone”

Kevin Morby – “Caught In My Eye”

Dream Syndicate – “Filter Me Through You”

Barr Brothers – “Queen Of The Breakers”

Son Little — “O Me O My”

Jade Bird – “Grinnin’ In Your Face”

Sean Rowe – “Newton’s Cradle”

Ty Segall – “Alta”

The Hope Trust – “Think About The Other Side”

Anderson East – “All On My Mind”

Grizfolk & Jamie N. Commons – “In My Arms”


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