New Music Monday Picks For July 31

KXT’s New Music Monday picks showcase solo Liam Gallagher, an indie rock supergroup and a confessional songwriter:

Allowing ourselves to forge ahead after hitting the figurative and literal road bumps of life eases the sting of feeling like we have to apologize for who, why and how we are. Sowing the seeds of her own emotional emancipation is the Ohio-based songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield, who’s back on September 29 with her fourth album, Sorry Is Gone. With Seth Avett on keys and backup, the chemistry’s perfect and on point, just like it was with their 2015 Elliott Smith tribute, and Mayfield’s soothing pipes and confessional lyricism leave zero room for cynicism.

The ravages of fame, sibling rivalry and record sales totaling into the gazillions have yet to deter the Gallagher brothers from striking out on their own. From the ashes of Oasis sprung Noel’s projects Beady Eye and the High Flying Birds, and now it’s his brother Liam‘s turn, as he marks the October 6 release of his first-ever solo album, As You Were. Having made his live solo debut with a secret show in New York only a few days ago, Liam’s primed and ready for his Lollapalooza appearance in Chicago this weekend, and an abbreviated North American tour starting up on November 18 in San Francisco.

Another October 6 release to keep an eye out for will be Boxing The Moonlight, the forthcoming sophomore album from the indie supergroup Mister Heavenly. Featuring Honus Honus from Man Man, Nicholas Thorburn from Islands, and Joe Plummer of the Cold War Kids, this long-anticipated follow up to their 2011 release Out Of Love travels a different road and takes on a punchier, more aggressive tone. Nods to Krautrock and rap inform this stellar lead single, “Beat Down.”

And good luck not falling in love with this one. Tone and C.C. comprise the San Diego duo Little Hurricane, and if you’re floored by the fact that it’s not some five-piece blues powerhouse responsible for this radio-ready gem, you’re not alone. With buzzsaw riffs and gritty vocals aplenty, “Isn’t Is Great” qualifies as a worthy contender for your favorite summer jam, and can be found on their third album, Same Sun Same Moon.