New Music Monday Picks For June 12

Your New Music Monday picks for June 12 showcase our favorite Australian import, a magical pairing and cool tunes out of Cowtown:

Sleek, sharp and packing a righteous, riff-heavy wallop, “Outtasight” from Fort Worth’s Siberian Traps is a standout, ready for a starring role on your summer playlist. With the arrival of their third full-length album, Indicator, and three nominations in the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards (Best Rock Band, Artist Of The Year, and Best Bass Performance for Mike Best), it’s starting to feel like the third time will definitely be the charm for this Cowtown four-piece.

Just last week, the news of Kurt Vile joining forces with Courtney Barnett for a fall tour and collaboration came over the transom. While we’re still letting that one sink in, we’re also marking November 10 on our calendar for when they make a stop at SMU’s McFarlin Auditorium. Meanwhile, our favorite Australian import and Split Singles Club released a stellar one-off 7″ single called “How To Boil An Egg” to tide us over until then. Existential angst, exemplary hooks = pure Courtney. Always glad to have her back.

Here’s another magical pairing for you. Laurel Canyon meets Music Row in “Glass Jar,” the new single from Nashville-based songwriter Tristen and her friend Jenny Lewis, whose unmistakable tones grace this Byrds-ian jam like a diamond in a pristine setting. And with two other albums under her belt, Tristen is gearing up for the July 7 Modern Outsider release of Sneaker Waves, along with a tour bringing her to Sundown At Granada on September 8.

While New Magic doesn’t hit stores until September, Son Little ushers in a new era with “Blue Magic (Waikiki),” possibly his most radio-ready track to date. This Philly future soul artist is ready for his close-up, and for real this time.

Here’s to your keen ear –