New Music Monday Picks For January 30

KXT New Music Monday picks for January 30 showcase a songwriting legend, everyone’s favorite Vancouver supergroup and dynamic local duos:


One thing we’re huge fans of around here? Covers like no other. Sure, we adore the ones glorifying the originals in their most pristine state, but when a remake goes above and beyond, adding a whole new dimension to the listening experience, we feel the need to call attention to it. Take Wesley Jensen and Claire Morales‘ remake of “Golden Years,” one of the many staples in David Bowie’s FM canon. Multilayered, ethereal and otherworldly, it’s a loving nod to the Thin White Duke and to those still trying to adjust to a world without him.


Multimedia artist Rebekah Elizabeth and her partner Zachary Zanetich comprise the Dallas duo I Happy Am, who ponder the profound without plunging too far down into the depths with their debut release, The Prophet, The Giant, And The Invisible Man. It’s stripped down and whimsical, venturing into lullaby territory without ever feeling cloying or mocking. The Invisible Man is a great introduction to the band’s sound, and we hope you’re as bedazzled with it as we are.


Their 2014 release Brill Bruisers had fans and critics alike singing their praises, so when word came down last week that the beloved Vancouver supergroup The New Pornographers have a new album in the works, the mood was celebratory, much like their sound. “High Ticket Attraction” provides the first taste of what to expect when Whiteout Conditions lands April 7 via Concord. Oh, and psst – we’re presenting them at the Granada on May 5. It’s sure to sell out, so be sure to sign up for our e-newsletter for your chance to win tickets.


Consider it a consolation prize for those who’d been holding out for a Kinks reunion last year. On April 21, legendary Kinks frontman and poet Ray Davies makes his mighty return with Americana, a collection of 15 new and original tracks serving as a musical memoir and appropriately enough, featuring one of the genre’s most recognizable and esteemed acts, The Jayhawks. Lead single “Poetry” is aptly titled, and the perfect introduction to what’s sure to be one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Happy New Music Monday!