New Music Monday Picks For January 23

KXT’s New Music Monday picks for January 23 celebrate a Melbourne multi-instrumentalist, New Orleans vibes and Austin psych-pop:

While it’s ever so fitting that fans have bestowed Ty Richards with the nickname “Beck Zeppelin,” there’s nothing derivative about “Going Out For A Cigarette,” the wicked-catchy new number from the DFW native’s forthcoming debut, Zillion. Psychedelic pop and funk-tacular hooks are the consummate cure-all for what ails you, and in a world that could definitely use more levity and dynamism, here’s one you’ll be powerless to resist.

Our hats are off to the multi-instrumentalist, poet and songwriter Alynda Segarra, whose place in the musical pantheon will be cemented with the March 10 arrival of The Navigator, the seventh studio album from the NOLA-based Hurray For The Riff Raff. “Hungry Ghost” straddles evenly the worlds of visceral and heartfelt, and for those taking refuge in rightful rebellion, this album could very well be the soundtrack you’re looking for. Hear it in person on June 2, when KXT proudly presents Hurray For The Riff Raff at Trees.

Two new albums from Conor Oberst in a five-month span? Don’t mind if we do. Salutations is the loud and rowdy companion album to Ruminations, the September 2016 collection of stripped-down new songs Oberst had written during his rather lengthy hiatus. On Salutations, he’s backed up by the Felice Brothers, whose joyously raucous live shows are the stuff of legend, and speaking of legends, there’s also the addition of drummer Jim Keltner, who’s backed up the likes of Neil Young, Jackson Browne, George Harrison and Bob Dylan.

Full disclosure: We’re more than a little captivated by this 21-year-old self-taught guitar virtuoso and rising star from Melbourne, Australia. She caught the ears and hearts of music lovers in her native homeland, and having never set foot in the States, sold out the dates on her mini-tour six weeks in advance. Tash Sultana is her name, and after hearing “Jungle,” you’ll be smitten, too.

Happy listening!