New Music Monday Picks For October 10

Your New Music Monday selections for October 10 showcase gentle jams, a chanteuse and a solo debut:

Aussie artist Cameron Avery has spent the last five years on the road as Tame Impala’s bassist, but now he’s ready for his close-up. With his debut solo album set to arrive in the spring of 2017, Avery channels his favorite big band crooners like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sarah Vaughan, and the first taste of what his fans can expect is lush, cinematic and downright de-lovely. “C’est Toi” provides the perfect escape from the reality of Monday. Think of Nick Cave, minus the gloom and pathos, and you have Mr. Avery’s number.

Certain songs are just made for radio. And seeing how North Texas is fertile ground for some of the best up-and-coming talent, KXT is honored to bring you “Late Night Confession,” the debut single from Dallas-area band CIITY. One can never go wrong with floaty R&B and synth-infused grooves, and the kinds of tracks that’ll lower your emotional temperature in no time.

Full disclosure: we are absolutely bananas for the Toulouse-born, Paris-based artist named Jain. No huge shocker that the morning after the 24-year-old singer-songwriter and percussionist performed “Come” on the French version of the Grammys, it went straight to number one. And when your ears pick up on it for the first time, expect to be mesmerized and watch the song climb to number one on your personal playlist. Her full-length debut Zanaka lands stateside on October 21.

Beatle-esque and trippy as all get out, “Sleep Easy” from the New York-based singer-songwriter Sam Evian is guaranteed to take the sting out of your Monday. It’s hazy, potent and ethereal – and there’s a George Harrison-flavored jam that starts up around 1:49 that you’d be out of your mind to miss. Premium is available via Saddle Creek.

Happy listening!