Artist Profile: Apparatus Design Co.


Meet Apparatus Design Co., featured studio for the KXT 2016 Fall Membership Campaign.

Brian Forosisky, graphic designer of Apparatus Design Co.

Brian Forosisky, graphic designer of Apparatus Design Co.

Brian Forosisky is the graphic designer at Apparatus Design Co., a new East Dallas-based web and graphic design shop he founded with his buddy, developer Patrick Greer. They’re super stoked to have been selected by KXT to represent the station, and they’ll totally give you a high five if they see you out on the street wearing their t-shirt. At Apparatus, Brian and Patrick turn napkin sketches into rockstar branding and killer websites. They’re big into camping, craft beer, and local member-supported radio.

Brian’s words about the KXT Artist Design: “Thad the Squeezeboxing Horse”:

“Drowning in a sea of the same old music? Sail the endless ocean of handpicked tunes on KXT with Thad the Squeezeboxing Horse. He’s imaginary, has no actual influence on the playlist, and can’t play that accordion worth a lick, but you’ll forget all about how ridiculous this is once you’re kickin’ back and have your radio dial tuned in to 91.7 – KXT.”